Sunday, January 27, 2008

manuka honey chicken wings

sorry for the lack of food updates. i havent been eating out often except the usual hawker fares around college for lunch.

the saturday before mom came back from her 2 month holidays in dubai, we hosted our very first steamboat party and invited a handful of friends over- it was a memorable one as it was our first party without adults-above-30 supervision and also officially marked the end of our 2 months 'no-curfew-mom's-not-home-yahoo...!!-freedom'.

i made chicken wings after realizing there's a pack of 'em in the freezer. i used the recipe posted by fellow flogger precious pea. ingredients are simple and the photo posted did look pretty damn good.


Step 1: Prepare ingredients and marination! Marinate overnight for better garlicky taste :)

dark soy sauce
chinese shaoxing wine
a dash of fish sauce
oyster sauce
lightly smashed whole garlic

Step 2: Transfer wonderfully marinated chicken wings to a baking tray lined with aluminium foil. Brush manuka honey generously on chicken wings skin and roast 'em under 250 celcius for about 20 minutes till cook and brown.

Step 3: Wash hands and attack!!


it's finger lickin' good :)

... ONE more week to cny holidays! yippeeeee!!


Anonymous said...

They sure look good... Yummy... Would like to try it one day... I just had some walmart fried chicken today. They're pretty good. Taste can't compare with KFC but their chicken is really crispy.

Chang said...

eih...yau mou so easy ?
u sure the chicken wing wont stick to aluminium foil even if u brush the foil wid oil ?

can i replace wid chicken thighs or drumstick ?

YilingL said...

calvin: yeah yeah *hint hint* i geddit. i like kfc too!!

chang: yeah it is dat easy. apparently i didnt even brush foil with oil and they dont stick. im sure u can replace wings with any chicken parts u like but make sure got skin intact!!

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