Monday, October 8, 2007

big apple donuts minus the coffee

photo credits: masak-masak

i know, i know... the donuts craze has been quite some time now. ever since big apple was opened in the curve. honestly speaking, ive never been to big apple myself. it has always been people buying 'em back for me to eat. heheh ;-)

half a dozen by eldest sis

half a dozen by second sis

ever since my sis came back from her uk trip somewhere early last year, she had been going on and on and on and on... about how heavenly orgasmic krispy kremes taste like. but according to her, big apple is ok-lah... NEVARRRRR comparable to krispy kremes but MUCHHHHHH BETTARRRRRR than dunkins no doubt.

i think dunkins lost on its 'softness'.

kesimpulannya, dunkins is out of the donuts league and big apple is our consolation to krispy kremes. found out that donuts and coffee opened in pavillion though. hope to try some of their donuts real soon... saw some pictures by other floggers (food bloggers) and the ultimate question popped up:


half a dozen of big apple donuts

big apple and both have similar looking donuts. check 'em out!

--> masak-masak
--> eatfirstthinklater
--> nicolekiss

im not much of a bigbig fan of donuts but they never fail to delight me :)

even if they're not tasty, at least they're pretty!

my fav so far would still be the original glazed.
simple and soft :)


and if you've wondered long enough how come krispy kremes never reach our shore... well the answer is right HERE.

so KRAZZZZZY kan? i quote:

"Our franchisees must possess the capital sufficient to fund the development of the market. We currently grant franchises on an area development basis. Specifically, our area developers are required to build multiple stores (10 or more) in a market. The minimum net worth requirement is $30 million or $1,000,000 per store to be developed, whichever is greater. For instance, a 15-store market requires a minimum net worth of $30,000,000."

the capital required are like their donuts with holes. so many!!

sorry guys, guess krispy kreme will be beyond our reach... but fret not! nearest store is at hongkong!


have a donut-licious day!

big apple donuts and coffee
lot g72a, ground floor,
the street, western courtyard,
the curve, mutiara damansara,
petaling jaya.

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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