Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Crepe Cafe

During my trip to Perth, I managed to meet up with Ee Juen and her bf. Ee Juen was my first friend in school when I moved to the Subang school, old times indeed. The last I met her was in January. EJ was one of the earliest ones who left for Perth right after finishing her Pre-U in Malaysia and to date, has been in Perth for almost 4 years now.

I texted EJ when I was in Perth and it was such a coincidence that she lives nearby Yi Fang's place. Her bf, Wai Onn who is pure Australian (but born Chinese with family heritage from Penang) came to pick me up and we headed to, in EJ's text message verbatim, the biggest mall in Perth.

Which I later realized was a sarcastic remark.

We went to Westfields Carousel Shopping Center which was also coincidently where Yi Fang, her mom and her youngest sis works part time at a news agency. EJ and Wai Onn brought me to the food court for breakfast and recommended The Crepe Cafe.

Hawaiian Crepe

EJ and Wai Onn had a Hawaian Crepe to share, what lovebirds do. Light and soft, the crepe envelops a big slice of ham, pineapples and (I think) mayo. Taste pretty good too, not too heavy to kickstart the morning.

Breakfast set

I had the heavier item which is the breakfast set. The breakfast set consists of a crepe which contains mushrooms, and loads of mushrooms! There's a sunshine egg on top with some grilled tomatoes and a serving of baked beans. Finishing up the whole plate of goodies was quite a feat but the crepe was really good, so it only does justice that I finish it! The breakfast set was priced at $13 something if I'm not mistaken and comes with a cup of tea/coffee.

Thanks to EJ and Wai Onn for their hospitality of showing me around Westfields and Harbourtown and driving me right to Corica's doorstep to buy their famous Apple Strudels too!

Sorry, can't write much today as I'm too tired.

The Crepe Cafe
Westfields Carousel Shopping Centre
1382 Albany Highway
Perth, WA 6107
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