Tuesday, November 18, 2008

CTNF: Nojito

Mojito (pronounced moh-ee-toh)

No, "Nojito" isn't a typo error. It is the name for a "Non-alcoholic Mojito".

Bowl of Nojito

Continuing my previous posts on the cookout, I still have a few dishes' recipes to post. Today's "Cheap Thrills, No Frills..." will be on make-it-yourself Non-alcoholic Mojito- or also known as 'Nojito'. I was first introduced to Mojito by Param at last year's La Bodega. Subsequently, I have tried the Mojito at Skybar which was pretty pricey.


Mint leaves
Crushed ice

1. Squeeze lemon juice out from lemon.
2. Slice ginger.
3. Bring together lemon juice, ginger, mint leaves and water together in a big bowl.
4. Sweetened abit with sugar and add crushed ice/ice cubes.
5. Serve chilled in a fancy glass!


The outcome was a delicious bowl of Nojito which received the thumbs up from everyone in the cookout group. It was so good that we had glass after glass even though there was wine available. This non-alcoholic cocktail is made by a guy in the group!

At first I was abit skeptical at the sight of ginger in the cocktail but it turned out that the ginger only added to the flavouring yet not overpowering- a delightful extra taste for the lemon & mint flavour drink.

Always thought Mojito sounds like Mosquito hehe

A Nojito is great for parties and gatherings where alcohol is an option and especially great if you want to down glass after glass without getting drunk! Also, a good choice for drinks if there is no budget for alcohol :D

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