Tuesday, October 30, 2007

1901 hotdogs

1901™ food for friendship

everybody loves hottttdogs, eh? 11 out of 10 people i know loves it though. it can be eaten at anywhere and anytime of the day- breakfast, lunch quickie, dinner (if you have like 5 of it lah), teatime, supper, when you're watching your EPL match, when you're hungry in the shopping mall, when you're depressed, when you're happy...

kesimpulannya, whenever you feel like having it-lah.

new mighty mubarak

i had my fix of hotgod hotdog yesterday at none other than 1901™ hotdog. it is THE place i always go to for my hotdog fix.

eeee... i hate mustard! strictly no mustard for me!!

my fav and THE only hotdog i always HAVE to have is texas ted. i like it cos its really simple (not messy) and it tastes great! its actually a chicken/beef sausage with steamed fluffy bread and a piece of melted cheese, bbq sause and chilli flakes. i always have the chicken sausage but yesterday i opted for the beef. IMHO, chicken taste better cos it seems juicier to me :)

texas ted beef
a choice of steamed beef sausage, covered with cheese strip and topped with our very own barbeque sauce with a dash of chilli flakes for the extra zing

rm4.73 (inclusive 5% tax) for regular ala carte
rm6.45 (inclusive 5% tax) for great ala carte


i love the fluffy bread cos it was steamed with the sausage. bread never tasted this guuuud. if im not mistaken, additional strips of cheese costs 50¢ each. prices has certainly gone up in the recent years. i remembered having my first texas ted for rm3.90 (rm4.10 inclusive of tax)- signs of inflation, sighs.

1901 not only offers hotdogs but also sandwiches (a.k.a. hoagies), burgers, sausages-on-a-stick (a.k.a. soakin' ted) but also a variety of drinks. set meals which consist of a hotdog of your choice and a drink are also available.

oh my dog. such kiuuut gods.

available at [nearly] all major shopping complexes

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal view, tastebuds, and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

Monday, October 29, 2007

restoran tian tian lai seafood

restoran tian tian lai seafood

restoran tian tian lai seafood is a regular makan place for my family. actually we dont call this place by its name but we refer to it as 'sunway belakang' cos this tai-chow place is located right behind sunway pyramid. its not exactly a 'restoran'... but rather a tai-chow occupying 5 shoplots at the selera sunway foodcourt.

notice how people often misuse the word 'restaurant'.

from our first visit here dating few years back till now... this humble little tai chow has grown in terms of the shoplots it occupies and its crowd of customers. few years back, the wait was much shorter as there were fewer customers and there wasnt any vip air-cond room, but now aside from its kitchen, it has vacanted 2 shoplots and turned them into vip air-cond room (yes in a foodcourt!) and of cos if you go during the weekends, the dinner crowd can be quite alot hence longer waiting time.

the food here are awesome though. for a humble little place like this, its as good as those in real atasan restaurants. well, then again... i think chinese food are pretty awesome anyhow and anywhere (within m'sia).

we had a 7-course dinner.

steamed garoupa with steamed eggs- rm 54

green vege (tau miu)

salted chicken- rm24

homemade fried beancurd

steamed eggs

ku lou yuk

stir fried long beans

every dish was yummy. my personal fav of the dinner was the homemade fried beancurd... its so soft inside and dipped with mayo, omggggg it will make the french go, "mamma mia!! délicieux!!"

beneath the steamed garoupa was actually a layer of steamed eggs though you cant actually see it from the picture. the eggs and the fish was a great combination.

pricewise, the total bill for these 7 dishes inclusive of rice and chinese tea was rm161. my uncle said that the fish was alil too pricey. overall a very satisfying dinner (albeit the long wait).

other recommended dishes are the fried sotong, marmite pork ribs and nyonya assam fish.


restoran tian tian lai seafood
selera sunway foodcourt,
jalan pjs 9/5,
bandar sunway,
46150, selangor.

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

Saturday, October 27, 2007

beauty queen and me

did anyone follow the astro chinese international pageant 2007 program? i wouldnt if it wasnt for wan ting (a.k.a. tiffany), a college friend of mine. here are some 'screenshots' to summarize the whole show for you guys who are away from home or does not have astro or wah lai toi. i am so kind, hor?

the show started with the 2 emcees introducing themselves blablabla. if you recognize the guy, he's a hk actor/producer/director/etc- Vincent something, while the lady is the 1998 winner- Debbie Goh. 10 years later and she still look pretty stunning!

then the contestants came out one by one...

and this is my friend, tiffany contestant number 13.

and these are 'screenshots' of the 5m banner jill, timothy (tiffany's bf) and i drew and painted for her.

there was a 'show your talent' moment, where all the contestants had to perform their talents. some were crap (really really basic yoga where you and i can do it too despite being super unflexible, boxing- err, talent??!, some martial arts learnt from fitness center- body combat, capoeira) but there were some which were awesome and saving grace like latin dancing, hip hop dance and tiffany's rhythmic gymnastics.

tiffany won the 'most talented' award, cash prize of rm1000 *ka-ching!*

she got everyone's jaw dropped and eyes wide open with her super flexible moves and summersaults. seriously if there's a repeat of the program, pls go and watch it. anyway, the guy emcee was really awesome cos he kept praising her and reiterating the fact that shes a national gymnast and she has the sportsmanship spirit.

p/s: sorry no screenshots of that. i was busy oooh-ing and woahhh-ing.

the top 5 finalists were based on sms votes. there was a little surprise when they announced the top 5 as the girl who had highest vote of 18% didnt get in while the girl who wasnt even mentioned in the top 5 sms votes before they close the voting system was in! and clearly i believe results are fixed... the girl who got in was a clear favourite among all the judges as she is the tallest among all contestants and according to the judges she exudes the 'elegant, radiance , glow etc' when she walks out. i felt she wasnt that pretty but of cos her height beat everyone flat.

then there was a q&a session for the top 5 finalists. i thought tiffany did really well in all her q&a sessions, not cos shes my friend but i never knew there was this spontaneity in her. if i was in her shoes, id probably fumble, stammer and asked the judge to repeat the question a billion times and probably ask for a translator. haha.

it was then the announcement of who gets 5th, 4th, 3rd...

and then it was down to 2 of 'em. i was really happy and proud for her. i knew shes not gonna win 1st cos clearly the judges favoured the other girl more. every single freaking judge said the other girl was their fav. like omg, no need say whos gonna wear the crown tonight la right. so obvious already lor.

but anyway, the show must go on...

and no prize for guessing who got 2nd lor...

but congratulations girl!! damn proud of you k... and richer by rm15000 *ka-ching-ching!*

sien... so obvious edi.

her crowning glory

IMHO, as an unneutral and biased party who clearly supports tiffany (cos shes my friend- duh!), i feel so damn proud for her. bet [insert college name] will use her as the ambassador, paste her posters everywhere, print big big banners of her, put her in all the brochures and booklets blablabla and come out with new slogan that goes 'think [insert college name] think employability beauty queen'.

pp/s: if you happen to pass by [insert college name] next time, pay some attention to the banner opposite starbucks. thats her, beauty-queen in making :)

i felt she perform so much better overall- talent show, q&a, dancing and the way she brought herself out compared to the winner. if you have watched the program, notice how the girl who won stood and her posture. yeahla yeahla i gonna win edi, stand nice nice or not also who cares right.

but i felt mm tei for wan ting. grrrr... the winner gets a freaking nissan latio ok!! and double her prize money... damn.

but anyway getting 2nd is really very good, considering that she was an underdog, nobody paid much attention to her, even her camera time wasnt alot.

okok to conclude my jealous-filled entry, congrats wan ting!!! you were awesome girl!!

i also want to do something great-lah... how now???

Friday, October 26, 2007

delifrance bistro

today i went to subang parade with high hopes of buying my attire for socit ball happening next saturday. i had initially eyed on a floral print dress, not too expensive from little.black.book. but alas, high hopes = high disappointment :( the smallest size is still big for me. i know, omgwtfbbqdvdabcxyz. i got nothing to wear.


a few people had commented that i am thinner now. not that i am not thin in the past, but im much thinner now. omg, thats the worst thing you wanna hear when you weigh like 45kg at ±167cm. stop telling me how lucky i am blablablehbleh.

anyway... to prove that i am not underfed or on any diet plans, this was my lunch today at delifrance:

fresh root beer- rm4.50

provencal lamb stew- rm18.90
lamb shoulder cooked in tomato sauce & mixed herbs served with creamy mashed potatoes & garden salad

signature bread pudding- rm7.90
moist bread pudding served with vanilla sauce & a scoop of vanilla ice-cream

total bill- rm21.70
bon appetit!

i used the astrolife voucher which entitled me to a free fresh root beer and signature bread pudding with every purchase of main course or pasta. i chose the main course- provencal lamb stew (whatever 'provencal' means...). i was kinda attracted by the 'lamb' cos it has been quite awhile i had lamb... anyway, the lamb shoulder has little meat and the mashed potatoes was hangus on top, can really taste the hangus-ness. the saving grace was that the meat was really tender and the tomato sauce and the mushrooms, yummy. dont ask me bout the salad, i finished it for the sake of my inner voice nagging me: "you know how many african kids got no food to eat...".

the root beer wasnt anything like a&w rootbeer. i reckon this is like the real rootbeer. but i still like a&w rootbeer. heheh.

as for the bread pudding, im not a big fan of this dessert but its acceptable for me. i like that it was served warm and the texture was soft and fluffy... and accompanying it was a scoop of ice cream. a rare combination of warm and cold but tasted good.

lg 201, lower ground
subang parade
5 jalan ss 16/1
47500 subang parade
petaling jaya, selangor.

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

las carretas restaurant & bar

las carretas restaurant & bar

if you noticed the date stamps on the pictures, they're the same date as the vietnam kitchen pictures (read: backdated entry again). after calvin and i went to vietnam kitchen, we proceeded to las carretas for our second dinner cos calvin isnt a big fan of vietnamese food :(

vietnam kitchen and las carretas are in the same usj taipan area. there are many many eatery places in taipan alone and it was our 'mission' to try everything there, but maybe next time when calvin comes back for good *wink* and when we both are financially independent.

the interior

anytheway! las carretas is a mexican food joint. it has outlets in subang, ampang and damansara. so if you're living anywhere in these part of the world, do pay a visit to las carretas as theres hardly any GOOD mexican food joints around (i think...?).

antique furnitures you think?

*gotcha!* they're actually miniature decorations...

to start off with, las carretas boasts a very nice ambience for meals, be it with family, friends, celebrating birthdays or even closing a business deal. the downside was that the subang outlet we went to was abit cramped but the goodsides are that its a double storey shop and it has quite good service.

las carretas offers a broad range of food and beverages, from
antojitos (appetizers) to entradas traditionales (main courses) to gauchito (for children) to postres (desserts) and not forgetting a loooooong list of drinks, you can opt for jugo (juices), aguas (mineral water), quenchers, cerveza (beers), wine coolers, cocktails, mocktails, coffee, tea, spirits and liqueurs, wines and champagnes, 'something caliente' (whatever that means), and omgggg there're just too many to name.

and these were what we ordered:

nachos originale-plain- rm14.50
crisp tortilla chips gratinated with jalapenos, bell pepper relish, enchilada sauce

sopa de rabo- rm9.00
spicy oxtail soup served in a thick broth along with a piece of lime

mussels in coriander habanero- rm20.90
black mussels lightly simmered in its own broth, flavored with fresh coriander spiced with habaneros, served with 2 pieces of warm flour tortillas

chimichanga- rm22.90
crisp fried tortilla bursting with plenty of cheese, minced beef or chicken, topped with enchilada sauce guacamole and sour cream

jumbo magarita- rm25.50
served in a jumbo margarita glass concocted from jose cuervo gold tequila, bols triple sec

as everything was digested 2 months ago, i cant really recall how everything taste like but i dont remember having any complains about it either, so i guess everything was great (if no news= good news, no complains= good, right??).

price-wise, i guess its normal-lah for the mains to be within rm20-40+ unless you order the steaks. prices for wines range from rm100-rm1800 (probably got gold residue in it, hehe), while house wines are at rm16 per glass and rm92 per bottle. for a complete list of pricing (or complete virtual menu), please refer to the link above. i always make it a priority to find out prices and the menu first, so i will know what to order and how much to budget.

p/s: reading food blogs helps too :)

oh yes, before i forget and digress... the review.

the jumbo margarita is meant for TWO. its quite JUMBO, really. the mussles were quite good too as they're quite big and succulent (not the tiny kiamsiap ones) and they're plenty of 'em. the broth tasted great too when dipped with the soft fluffy tortilla. i cant remember how the oxtail soup tasted like, but it wasnt spicy lor (or was it as in its description??). i didnt have much of the chimichanga cos i was just too full from the vietnamese food, but i like the name. hehe sounds like a word from the "chitty chitty bang bang" musical.

worth a visit if you're feeling 'anything, anywhere, whatever' about what to eat OR simply feel like going mexican.

las carretas subang jaya
no. 29 usj 10/1f,
47620 subang uep,

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

Monday, October 22, 2007

sushi zanmai @sunway pyramid

sushi zanmai entrance

minasan konnichi wa kyoo watashitachi
'ate' tabemasu nihonryoori.
(hello everyone, today we 'ate' japanese food.)

haha, direct eng-jap online translation. not bad huh.

open kitchen and conveyor belt laden with goodies

sushi zanmai has been on top of my 'PLACES TO EAT' ever since i read the many reviews of other floggers. plus the other day the star had a cut-out rm5 voucher in conjuction with the opening of the outlet in the gardens, mid valley. cant remember which day the newspaper was though.

ive been irritating/annoying/bugging my sisters to go with me but... [insert sad music, sobs, sniffs, sighs]

joining me in my makan quest are...

ms jill-ann :)
20, status undisclose.
walks fast and loves shopping. very very much.

mr param :)
22, status undisclose.
walks slow and wants to migrate to spain.

the menu was big!! big colorful pics!! omggg i like!! theres a picture and description of every single dish, so you know what you're ordering. veli guuuuud. (*ka-ching* add points)

the holy menu

yet so sinful desserts

we were spoilt for choice!! too many pictures of delicious japanese food. felt like ordering everything... but these are what we ordered:

stamina roll- rm12.80
omellete sushi roll topped with roasted eel

tempura moriawase- rm9.80
assorted tempura

soft shell crab maki- rm6.00
fried soft shell crab

salmon zanmai (8pcs +1 roll)- rm19.80
salmon, salmon belly, broiled salmon, smoked salmon, salmon roll

chicken gyoza- rm9.80
pan-seared chicken & vegetable dumpling

agadeshi tofu- rm6.80
fried beancurd

ika sugatayaki- rm12.80
grilled squid

(left and right) soft shell crab temaki- rm4.80
(center) salmon salad temaki- rm2.80

ocha- rm1
japanese green tea (free refills)

kuromitsu-iri macha monaka- rm6.80
green tea wafer ice cream with brown sugar


lets do alil' review on the food. tastewise, everything tasted good. of cos, lets not compare 'em with atasan japanese restaurants like Zipangu @Shangri-La Hotel or... erm actually i dunno any other atasan jap restaurant lah. they're not in the same league and are especially catered for atasan people with money nowhere else to spend.

we felt that the soft shell crab temaki was slightly too salty, but not salty enough to make us lose hair as you can see jill still has her long black lustrous curled hair intact after the meal :)

i love agadeshi tofu and its one of the dishes i HAVE to have for japanese meals but sushi zanmai's version of it was a tad disappointing for me. i thought asia cafe's jap stall bento sets has a better version of it.

i felt the dessert was great... though i expected a stronger green tea flavor. jill said she could taste vanilla in it while param who aint a big fan of green tea said it was acceptable. so i guess its all good...

price-wise, more pricey than sushi king and sakae sushi but definitely better sushi standards than the both sushi joints. good ambience and powerful air-cond! confirm wont sweat, even when you're paying the bill ;)

prices for dishes on conveyor belt according to color

jill and i with all the foooooooood

camwhore moment *click*

doomo arigatoo gozaimasu

there is also a little shop just outside sushi zanmai that sells all foodthings japanese. and another jap restaurant which has a more atasan façade then sushi zanmai by the name of 'ZEN'. will check both out next time.

our final verdict (out of 5):
jill- 3.96
param- 4.0
yiling- 3.8

¡vayamos siguiente mexicanos!
(let's go mexican next!)

sushi zanmai
lot ob2-f1, sunway pyramid (old wing),
no.3, jalan pjs 11/15,
46150 bandar sunway,
petaling jaya, selangor.

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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