Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bottle Shops

Prior to the Perth trip, I have never thought alcohol can be so easily and conveniently obtained, besides getting it at the supermarkets of course. Itulah, macam katak di bawah tempurung, never been outside of Malaysia before, so didn't know there was such a thing called Drive-Thru Bottle Shops.

These Bottle Shops are aplenty around Perth, just like how you can find a McDonald's or Hungry Jack's at every corner, and I'm assuming it's a normal thing in the whole Australia as well. Not all are named Bottle Shops though, I've seen stores by the name of Cellarbrations (which I think is quite a great creative name!), Thirsty something, and blablabla. But generally they're known as bottle shops. Beer and booze is the staple drink of the people here, much like our Ais Limau and Teh Tarik. We have one thing in common though, the Australians will probably suffer liver problem or beer belly while us Malaysians will have diabetes.

I'm still sticking to my resolution of drinking water! Of course, you can't say no to booze once in awhile ;-)

Not only booze is available everywhere, they also make buying booze a hassle-free and convenient process for lazy bums! Drink more, buy more, and have a more visible beer belly! Yay! Just drive through the pathway, order your booze from the shopkeeper manning the counter, pay and drive off! But of course, no drink and driving :)

If you're the type who wants to put some effort in selecting your booze, there's always the self service option. Park your car, get down, choose your booze from the selection available, and pay!

But I suppose stores like this can only survive in Australia or US or other less Islamic and high crime-rate countries. Can you just imagine if we have one of these in our country? The poor shopkeeper would either be robbed and murdered or the shop will be sabotaged by those holier-than-thou politicians and so-called religious officers.

p/s: Have you seen pictures of our Minister's son drinking like he was a non-Muslim in the internet? Well, preach all you want about Islam and the don'ts but here's the perfect epitome of holier-than-thou.

I wanted to grab a pack of 6 of the Smirnoff Black Ice to bring home but sadly we couldn't find one that was 24 hours and it was already about 2am in the morning and I was leaving in few hours time :(

I had my first and last Smirnoff Premium Ice Double Black at Burswood Casino (no I didn't gamble) and it was really awesome. Contrary to first impressions, no the bottle is not neat vodka but has already been mixed with some citrusy flavour. I think it has 6.5% alcohol content so it's almost like your Kampai drinks. I can't remember how much a bottle cost here but don't think it was that cheap though.

Can anyone tell me where we can get bottled pre-mixed Smirnoff here?

I'll leave you guys with another awesome picture of the sky. I like how the crane is in the foreground though :)
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