Tuesday, November 13, 2007

big apple, ikea, swensens

what does a donut joint, a home improvement giant and an ice cream parlour have in common?

A: everybody loves 'em and they sell tasty comfort food :)


this is the final post on the one day makan outing with the makan club members last friday. i shall not elaborate further as i believe all these places and food need no introduction. so feast with your eyes, aight mate!

first up! big apple donuts at the curve!

next... ikea!

ikea hotdog at rm2 only!!

last stop... swensen's!!

topless 5 with nuts toppings- rm15++


till we meet and eat again...!! adios para sempre!!

... to be exact, we went to 4 shopping malls in a day (ikea, the curve, i utama, subang parade), ate 5 meals (mixture of light and heavy), and all these for about rm70 per person.

happy with the first outing, guys? more to come, aye!

big apple donuts and coffee
available at the curve, pavillion kl and 1 utama (coming soon!)

ikea hotdogs
available at ikea (~duh!)

swensen's café & restaurant
available at subang parade

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