Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The BIGGEST Party is Back.... Hennessy Artistry '09


The whole KL was there, were you???

It was one of the most anticipated party of the year, having been to the last few (@Aloha, @Orange, @Bkt Kiara'08), when I heard over the grapevine that @Bkt Kiara'09 is coming, I know I'll not miss it for anything!

Danny, Jill, Me, Ziling

Many pictures ahead, and I'll let them do the storytelling. Sorry to waste your bandwidth for once!

Recession times calls for recession size glasses....

Of course not! For all the Artistries I've been to, good times or bad, the organizers never scrimp on the size of their free flows! These shots are only meant to tempt you for more drinks inside! But really nice touch though- the welcome drinks and the cute glasses. Wasn't drunk enough to steal a few of 'em home.

The very awesome DJ Decks

Following are pictures of my fellow colleagues (who are all very hip&haps).

Eric, Me, Jessie, Stef

Fellow MTs- Me, Stef, Danny, Jill

Aaron, Laurence, Me

Stef, Rachel, Me

Ziling sesat in the 'colleague' crowd

Some LED dancers and DJ spinnin' in the background

Fatman Scoop in da house!

I thought the only act worth listening to was only One Buck Short (yoohoo to our own homeband!) and the DJs spinning in the beginning and end. Nobody really paid attention to the rest in between as we were either, 1) Busy drinking 2) Merry-making 3) Don't know what they singing 4) All of the abovementioned.

For the Very Important Party People

... and the Super Important Party People

The VIP areas were segregated into 4 sections- V.S.O.P. All 4 VIP areas had their own bars, sitting lounges and great view of the stage.

Moving on to pictures of collegemates, long lost friends, family dan lain-lain!

Shoniya & Me- long lost&found high school classmates!

Jill is everything in between- colleague, collegemate, friend dan lain-lain!

Jill & Co

Jill, Suet Li, Me- long lost&found collegemate

Calvin, Jill, Jen, David, Me

Me, Citygal, Eiling- Ipoh girls reunited!

David, Jen, Calvin- Two photographers and one red chiq

Greg, Eiling, Me- The usual Artistry gang

Jen and Calvin- Spongebob's greatest fans!

... last but not least, some sisterly love!

Overall, I must admit the party's better than last year's but the drinks (mixers) were abit disappointing this time. I still prefer the Hennessy Miami (with lime juice and mint leaves). Full credits must be given to the organizer and event management co for the great set up of the event (from the breeze registration, photography sessions- where's ze polaroids?, security, entertainment, bartenders, design and set up of venue...). Hopefully the powers-to-be will stop being an ass and restrict this&that! Grrrrr.

Other than that, well I had a great night!

Did you?
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