Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mods Cafe Melaka

Mods Cafe

Sometimes the best places are discovered by chance, not the long queues spotted from a mile away.

I am sure most will not disagree.

And this rare gem of a find is in Melaka, it's actually a quaint historical shoplot called Mods Cafe. We stumbled upon it when we were doing our usual 'touristy' Jonker Walk-around. Mods Cafe is not exactly along Jonker Walk though, one needs to get out to the street branches and look for one that shows Jalan Tokong.

What attracted us and prompted us to 'have a look' is the brightly coloured VW van parked inside the shop! Next to it are tables and chairs, so we'd figured it's a cafe. The decorations are as retro as you'd imagine - those spinning barber lights, old skool tv and stereo sets, miniature figurines of Vespa scooters, and adorning the wall is about 200 empty beer cans from different parts of the world! (Oooh love the red switches too)

Now, how can anyone not like it here?

Cafe Latte (RM8)

Cafe Mocha (RM9)

We had the Cafe Latte and Cafe Mocha and they're both nicely done with the right amount of froth and beautiful latte art. Believe the guy who served and brew our drinks was Albert, the owner of Mods Cafe (I later googled about it and discovered many who also likes and recommends Mods to be a must visit).

Mods Cafe has become our favourite coffee place in Melaka, and we will surely return when we're in Melaka the next time! We would strongly recommend to skip all the touristy places and be adventurous to find your own gem.

Mods Cafe
14, Jalan Tokong,
75200 Melaka.
Facebook page:

* Visuals by iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4

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