Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chatuchak Market (Food)

Many apologies for the spell of silence and keeping you guys in suspense over the Chatuchak Food post. Never in my life have I stayed in the office till 12am trying to understand and do the necessary for a problem. Yesterday I broke that record... while I am in no position to complain, considering that those in audit firms must have it worst, I must say life has been really quite taxing recently. No wonder they kept telling me to enjoy the 'packing up at 6pm sharp' days while I still can in the first month... it's week 6 for me now, so I guess the priviledge is stripped off already :/

Oh anyway have you guys did you tax submission? I had been dreading about it but finally decided to settle it once and for all yesterday. I went to the Kelana Jaya LHDN office with my colleagues and surprisingly it was a pretty quick and hassle-free affair, especially with e-Filing. We have come to a mutual conclusion that the 2 Best things that have ever happened to government related procedures here is e-Filing and chip embedded passport that enables us to go through immigration using the electronic kiosk. Hehe can laugh at those poor folks who still lines up :p

Ok shall we go back to said Chatuchak food?

Spotted this mobile stall selling grilled skewered meat at the entrance of Chatuchak. There are various selection of meat- chicken wings, pork satay, chicken satay and if not mistaken pork liver (the darker brown ones).

Satay babi is the new satay ayam

Forget all the other meat because satay babi is for the win (ftw)! Anyway why would you wanna eat satay ayam when there's loads back home right??? Erm Muslim folks, sorry bout this. I am not sure about the other meat but the pork satay sells at 3 Baht each stick or 30 cents. I had 4 in total. Would have had more but the heat was such a pain! The meat are all pre-cooked but as and when you want it, they will re-grill it so that you're not eating cold meat (quite impossible since the sun is so damn hot).

Ahah! Spotted another grilled meat stall. Let's go grab some food!

Barbeque pits like this are quite popular especially if the stall sells grilled street snacks. While some will caution themselves over street food like this (guess if they ever clean the bbq pits??), I would say 'eat first, think later!' How can anyone go all the way to Bangkok and not try the street food???!

Spicy Beef Balls

I picked the beef balls, it was re-grilled and slushed with chilli sauce. Man does it burn! The chilli and not the heat. Too spicy for my liking!

Since it was sweltering hot, I spotted these strawberries-in-cup and proceeded to buy a cup. Although I hate all strawberry flavoured food, I can never resist fresh strawberries :) For 50 Bahts, you get a cupful of sliced strawberries, but unfortunately the Thais have a weird way to consuming fresh fruits like this- with salt! It was really not what I expected, but oh well, when in Thailand, eat like the Thais do ;)

Some chilled drinks to cool you down? Not too sure if they're vege drinks though :S

The Teh Tarik guy. He looks quite Malaysian right :p Maybe he got seconded there by the Malaysia Teh Tarik Association to help pull attention (pun intended) to this gem of a drink which is our national pride.


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