Wednesday, July 16, 2008

48 hours of fame

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The Star 13th July 2008- click here for the online version

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Sin Chew daily 6th July 2008

/reality check
life is still pretty much the same. go to work, get stuck in jam because *apparently* our smartass gov ministers with the police as their running dogs think only they are important and everyone else is unimportant, therefore they can simply block here block there on days they feel like doing it on the grounds that "national security is at threat". wtf bullshit, these shitheads are the REAL threats to our security. bloody shitheads, make us waste petrol, late for work and frustrated @#$%!! whole cycle repeats 5 days a week.

oh btw, imho anwar wins hands down against that shabery cheek in the fuel price debate. i'll give you 100 reasons:-
1) shabery cheek is yong sui
2) he's not only yong sui, but when he speaks his mouth area is disgusting. yucks!
3) he makes personal attacks, which is soooooo unprofessional
4) he is orang BN, and sorryloh i am biased liddat
5-100) he is so damn yong sui

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