Tuesday, November 20, 2007

paddington house of pancakes

paddington house of pancakes

yes, we're finally here! paddington house of pancakes! heard and read alot about it and luckily all 4 of us makan club members- jill, kenneth, param and i- hadnt try it before. so we were a tad bit too jakun. HAHA.

the big book of menu

we paid a visit to the 1 utama outlet cos we were scheduled for the movie "beowulf" after that. upon entering the premise, we were seated by a friendly waiter and given a menu each. the word "menu" doesnt even justify it. it was like a wedding photo album- the size and thickness, except theres no wedding photos lah. there were 138 items in the book and yeah we just kept flippin and flippin but dunno what to order. EVERYTHING LOOKS AND SOUNDS SO GOOD !

BIG colorful pictures from the menu-
how can anyone not want to steal the menu, eh?

p/s: i even asked the waiter if they sell the book of menu. he said no -_- but im planning to steal it in my next visit. jill bring your biggest bag ok.

november table 11

okok so about 20 mins of flippin' and flippin'... we made up our minds, and these are what we had to pop our paddington cherry.

kenneth's choice from savoury american pancake stakes
double gourmet cheese sausages, beef salami, hash brown & grilled mozzarella- rm22.50

my choice of pannekoek
'vienna' gourmet sausages, onions, fresh button mushroom & mozzarella- rm18.50

param's grilled chicken burger- rm20.50
grilled chicken breast with cameralizaed onions, grilled cheddar, peppers, chicken ham & hashbrown

jill's mushroom omellet- rm18.50
cocktail sausages, cherry tomatoes, mashed potatoes, mushroom omellet

pot of gold- rm10.50
bite sized dollar pancakes with mini marshmallows, nuts, ice cream & choco sauce

sprite float- rm6.50

passionfruit citron crush- rm10.50

peanut butter & banana shake- rm12.50

food comes in portions that you can eat up by yourself or for sharing depending on your hungry-o-meter. mine was at its alarming peak, so i finished everything myself. actually, i think it depends also on which item you order as you can see my choice of vienna pannekoek* doesnt look that heavy compared to jill's mushroom omellet.

*Dutch pannekoek ('pan-ne-kook') are popular 12" thin pancakes eaten mainly for lunch and dinner.

pp/s: oh yeah, for the month of nov with rm50 and above in a single recepit, there is a FREE dessert. there are two choices- pot of gold or the plain pancake with lemon juice, sugar and blueberries. no, you cannot sit together but split the bills to have more than one free dessert :( maybe you can tryna go in and pretend you dunno each other but after making orders, pretend that you met the other fler coincidently and request to be seated together but splitting the bill. omg am i a genius or what.

tastewise, who would have known simple easy-to-make pancakes can make it big and taste so good with both savoury and desserts. after having this, i bet nobody will look at pancakes the way it was before. pancakes? cheh, cheap food.

total bill- rm127.55

definitely on the pricey side... somebody please come up with a pancakes house at a food foundry price and location!!

worthy of a revisit but maybe not so soon.


beowulf was... i dont really like it. enuff said.


for my birthday which is coming in a month's time- start saving now! *hint hint* i want half of craft haven shop (i just want the half that has all the scrapbooking materials) OR the whole papier love shop at the curve OR rmxxx,xxx to buy either shops. kthx!


mom informed that dr. mahadeva, the gynae who delivered my sisters and i passed away 2 days ago. he should be bout 70. quite good looking man, look for him at the orbituary ads in the star yesterday. rest in peace, god bless you.


*celebrations* HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAM ZING! *celebrations*


paddington house of pancakes
lot g363, ground floor rainforest,
1 utama (new wing).
(opposite cravings and good evening bangkok)

also available at:
unit 142, 1st floor,
the curve,
mutiara damansara, pj.

g-20, hartamas shopping center,
60, jalan sri hartamas 1,
50480 kl.

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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