Saturday, November 10, 2007

hong kee tim sum

introducing the newly formed Makan Club members with our very own tagline "Cari Makan, Dengan Kawan!"


co-chauffer/ photographer


treasurer/ car provider


rong jiang

official cari makan car


5 meals in a day with a budget of rm100 per person (inclusive petrol, parking and toll) and have loadsa fun!!

first makan place:

hong kee tim sum @damansara jaya

IMHO, the bestest way to start a day would be having warm good food in your stomach, and dim sum is the bestest solution!

came across reviews of hong kee tim sum from other flogs and thought we should give it a try.

this is how hong kee tim sum works:
  1. get seated
  2. order your choice of tea
  3. a waiter will bring about a trayful of fried items, select according to your preference
  4. another waiter will bring about a trayful of bamboo baskets which contains FROZEN, RAW steamed-type of dim sum (har kau, siu mai, yu mai, lohmaikai etc)
  5. select whichever dim sum you want and the kitchen will steam 'em up for you
  6. waiter will bring the steamed dim sum to your table
  7. enjoy!
rule #1- never OVER-ORDER

and these are the array of dim sums we tried out-

"heung pin" chinese tea

some kinda siu mai

sui gao type of dim sum

pork meat rolled with egg crepe

siu mai

scallop type of siu mai

char siew chee cheong fun

har gao- prawn dumpling

fish ball

yu mai

yong tau foo- brinjals and fishcake

wu gok- fried yam with char siew bau filling

fried fishcake

prawn chee cheong fun

fried radish cake

fried lotus sesame balls

fried wanton with prawn filling and mayo

total bill- rm63

tastewise, hong kee tim sums are nothing fantastic to shout about, its has the normal kinda varieties of dim sum but also some which are not widely available in other places such as the "sang chow loh mai fan" which is only available on weekends and have garnered the *thumbs up* from a few floggers. i personally find that some steamed dim sums were abit dry and the wu gok was not fluffy enough though kenneth finds it good. well, again different people have different tastes :)

... and they always say ipoh people are very fussy with their food. well, i guess they're right.

since it was a rainy friday morning, also cos many are still on holidays, the place is not too packed. parking was a breeze but im not too certain about it on normal working days or weekends. located at the row of shops around atria shopping complex, hong kee tim sum is hard to miss as it has a bright attractive orange signboard. service is so-so as some waiters are foreign workers, hence we didnt know weather they understood us, but it has a very clean environment and the place is not hot and stuffy (maybe because of the morning rain?).

price-wise, it is reasonable, dim sums range from rm1.20-rm5. the items we had above were all priced at rm3 each and cha sui (tea) is at rm1 per head. definitely a good place to start the day without burning a hole in your pocket :)

here's the scorecard, graded by us which i have averaged the scores out (out of 5).

taste- 3.21
service- 2.78
price- 3.52
ambience- 3.75
location- 4.0

... and the good food journey continues. stay tune!

restoran hong kee tim sum
18 and 20, jalan ss22/25
damansara jaya, pj.
(shops within atria shopping complex, corner shop with bright orange signboard)

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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