Monday, October 29, 2007

restoran tian tian lai seafood

restoran tian tian lai seafood

restoran tian tian lai seafood is a regular makan place for my family. actually we dont call this place by its name but we refer to it as 'sunway belakang' cos this tai-chow place is located right behind sunway pyramid. its not exactly a 'restoran'... but rather a tai-chow occupying 5 shoplots at the selera sunway foodcourt.

notice how people often misuse the word 'restaurant'.

from our first visit here dating few years back till now... this humble little tai chow has grown in terms of the shoplots it occupies and its crowd of customers. few years back, the wait was much shorter as there were fewer customers and there wasnt any vip air-cond room, but now aside from its kitchen, it has vacanted 2 shoplots and turned them into vip air-cond room (yes in a foodcourt!) and of cos if you go during the weekends, the dinner crowd can be quite alot hence longer waiting time.

the food here are awesome though. for a humble little place like this, its as good as those in real atasan restaurants. well, then again... i think chinese food are pretty awesome anyhow and anywhere (within m'sia).

we had a 7-course dinner.

steamed garoupa with steamed eggs- rm 54

green vege (tau miu)

salted chicken- rm24

homemade fried beancurd

steamed eggs

ku lou yuk

stir fried long beans

every dish was yummy. my personal fav of the dinner was the homemade fried beancurd... its so soft inside and dipped with mayo, omggggg it will make the french go, "mamma mia!! délicieux!!"

beneath the steamed garoupa was actually a layer of steamed eggs though you cant actually see it from the picture. the eggs and the fish was a great combination.

pricewise, the total bill for these 7 dishes inclusive of rice and chinese tea was rm161. my uncle said that the fish was alil too pricey. overall a very satisfying dinner (albeit the long wait).

other recommended dishes are the fried sotong, marmite pork ribs and nyonya assam fish.


restoran tian tian lai seafood
selera sunway foodcourt,
jalan pjs 9/5,
bandar sunway,
46150, selangor.

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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