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COCA Steamboat Restaurant

Earlier of the month, HB asked if I would be interested to join him in a sponsored food review by COCA Steamboat Restaurant, I accepted the invitation. Hence, this will be my FIRST sponsored review.

COCA is a old and familiar name, majoring in steamboats. Perhaps the logo explains it all, "Established in 1957". That's before most of you and I were born. The review was scheduled at the COCA outlet in 1 Utama (Old wing, opposite Jusco Home Centre). We were greeted by the affable Andrea, Marketing Manager of COCA Malaysia. She later explained that the Subang Parade outlet would be a better choice for the wholesome COCA dining experience as the outlet is more spacious and has live aquariums, so your seafood is guaranteed fresh.

Roselle Flowers d'Juice with Soda- RM12.90

I opted for the Roselle Flowers d'Juice with Soda (RM12.90) as it reminds me of the younger times where a bottle of concentrated Roselle juice was a rare luxury at home and my sisters and I will make our own Iced Roselle drinks... especially shiiiok! on a hot sunny afternoon. A perfect thirst quencher it was. (Maybe I can make some Roselle cocktails too with my newly acquired Absolut Raspberri! Should show you guys my full Absolut Dream Team collection soon) HB went for a jug of beer instead.

COCA Stuffed Prawns- RM9 per pc
COCA special deep fried fresh water prawn

Pandan Chicken- RM8.80 for 2 pcs
Marinated chicken fillet wrapped in pandan leaf

Before we went straight to the steamboat, Andrea treated us with some COCA's signature appetizers- the COCA Stuffed Prawns (RM9 per pc) and Pandan Chicken (RM8.80 for 2 pcs).

The Stuffed Prawns were stuffed with prawn and fish paste, bits of mushrooms and subsequently deep fried. Though I would love to say I like this dish, the process of eating it can be alittle messy as the stuffings don't detach easily from the shells. It will take more than just a fork to eat this, I suggest to use your fingers like we did.

The Pandan Chicken was a lovely surprise. I like this as it is boneless and contains the aromatic flavours of pandan.

Next, it was Steamboat Time!

We were treated to their current Steamboat Promotion:

Set Menu A priced at RM98++ for 2 persons

Deep Fried Fish Paste x 2 nos

Steamboat Ingredients
Tiger Prawns (200g) x 1 plate
Jelly Fish x 1 plate
Stuffed Squid x 1 plate
Chicken Ball x 1 plate
Chicken Fillet x 1 plate
Fish Glue x 1 plate
COCA Foo Chuk x 1 plate
House Special Dumpling x 1 plate
Chinese Cabbage x 1 plate
Morning Glory x 1 plate
Tofu x 1 plate
Green Noodles x 1 plate
Egg x 2 nos

To taste the best of both worlds, we chose to have the Yin Yang- the clear and Tom Yum broth.

There is even a waiter to help us as we sat back and enjoy the food. The above picture shows the waiter showing how the fish paste should be scraped from the plate into the boiling soup.

Apparently I have read from many places that the fish paste sticks on to the plate and the only way to scrape it out is to run some boiling broth over it and scrape them out part by part.

The Tom Yum broth is quite distinctive as I notice that it is more concentrated unlike many steamboat joints out there. It also guarantees giving you a spicy kick. The clear broth however fails to shine in my humble tastebud opinion, maybe because I had the Tom Yum first.

The spinach noodles certainly caught my eyes as they're green! I supposed it should be famous so eventhough I was stuffed, I had to try it. I especially like the fried garlics though, it went well with the noodles and clear broth. I have found a new liking for fried garlics, fried onions, fried anchovies and fried dried baby shrimps. One thing they all have in common is they go so well with noodles!! Yumm yummm.

I know it's really weird that many times when we're already so stuffed, we still somehow have space for desserts!

Fresh Mango with Glutinous Rice (RM21.90)

A meal at a Thai place is never complete without the Fresh Mango with Glutinous Rice (RM21.90). This is one dessert which is packed on calories and carbs but I can't be bothered to care as it is OhSoGooood. Best part is the glutinous rice was still warm and fluffy.

Durian Puree

Andrea recommended the durian puree to go with the glutinous rice as well. This is actually another dessert on its own called Fresh Mango Pulut with Durian (RM23.90) but the durian puree was served in a different cup because some people don't take durian. The durian puree was really good, even on its own. Sinful, sinful but wonderful!

Water Chestnut with Coconut Milk- RM7.50

Sago in Coconut Milk- RM7.50

The Water Chestnut with Coconut Milk is also commonly known as Tab Tim Grob (or Red Rubies). This well-known uniquely Thai dessert fared better than the Sago in Coconut Milk. Again, perhaps I had the more strong flavour durian puree earlier on, the Sago in Coconut Milk tasted pretty bland in comparison.

p/s: The drinks & desserts are not included in the set promotion :)

COCA Restaurant is also running a buffet promotion where unlimited appetizers are available for your consumption. Do check out my flickr set for more photos of the appetizers available.

Note: I gathered from Andrea that the pricing for COCA is slightly above average due to the freshness of their ingredients (ie. the kitchen makes all the meatballs and fish glues from fresh with strictly NO preservatives).

Thanks HB and Andrea for the hospitality and invite.

Read HB's review here.

COCA Subang Parade
Lot G28, Level G,
Subang Parade,
5, Jalan SS16/1, Subang Jaya.
Tel: 03-5632 8766

COCA 1 Utama
Lot G38 & F40,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama.
Tel: 03-7727 3180

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]
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