Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pradi Prada @ Kota Kemuning

A hearty dinner; Fried Chicken with Kunyit; Fu Yong Omelette; Kedondong Juice

Pradi Prada has been around longer than I had expected it to survive. Back in those days when the Kota Kemuning township was ready, the financial crisis hit and the commercial area became dead. Anyone shops/businesses that opened rarely lasted more than half a year. Those who survived and thrived on were a handful- Pradi Prada was one of them.

Specializing in Penang style Nyonya food, it is a neighbourhood favourite for a casual weekend dine out. The dishes are simple fare, tasted very homely and affordable too. My family dined here a month back and had Fish Head Curry, Assam Prawns, Paku Pakis Belacan, Fu Yong Omelette and Fried Chicken with Kunyit.

Fish Head Curry; Assam Prawns

It was indeed a hearty and satisfying meal followed by a very refreshing Kedondong Juice. The whole bill came to about RM60. There is also a complimentary hot dessert of the day- ours was Sweet Potato tong sui.

Pradi Prada

4, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla Y/31Y,
Kota Kemuning,
Shah Alam.

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