Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Chinese New Year Statistics Report

I know Chinese New Year is long gone but I am sure you do the same thing too after the 15-days festive celebration- COUNT ANG PAOs!!

(p/s: This post is intended to bring back the CNY mood in the midst of a very busy week at work)

Every year I do the same, in fact there's no particular ritual for me (some people tell me that they don't open their red packets till after the 15th, some tell me they don't open the ones given by their parents, some say they keep it in their wallets for blessings etc), I for one open my ang pao right after the person who gave it away looks the other way! *sniggers* :DDDDD

Here, I have compiled information and tabulate statictics charts and shall give you a report on my CNY revenue collection. I'm telling you I have been doing so much reports for the past week that drawing up a chart has become my forte at work these days...

Total Ang Pao collected this year would be 36 packets. Most of which are from relatives and a few from colleagues and boss. I wish I did a statistics report last year and the previous years so that the accountant in me knows whether this year's quantity collection has improved or eitherwise. I shall do that next year!

Of all colored ang paos ever manufactured, I like GOLD ze best! Gold packets always give me an impression that the amount given will justify the color. Most of the time it's just red inside but I've been pretty lucky this year as all gold packets I received is valued RM30 and above! Woohoo!

Before I reveal which ang pao packet is my favourite and will deserve the BEST LOOKING ANG PAO OF THE YEAR Award, allow me to show you some statistics first......

Banks love to give out ang pao packets during CNY and people love to use ang pao packets by banks on CNY, so it's not surprising that I received the most bank-sponsored ang paos, 25 out of 40 or 62.5%.

There were also some red packets from big corporations like Genting, CSM, SP Setia and Sunshine Supermarket (I remember very well it's from my Penang aunt as she gives out Sunshine Supermarket ang pao every single year and Penang is the only place with SS?). Then there were quite a few from Magnum, Sports Toto and Da Ma Cai (grrr, still geram with my 'so near yet so far' of hitting jackpot encounter).

Also, from the liquor companies, there's 2 from DOM Benedictine (by Bacardi Martini) and 2 from Martell (by Pernod Ricard). DOM's ang pao was quite bad quality, Martell's was much nicer :) There's also one from Hennesy (Gold Packets picture, 2nd from left).

The BEST LOOKING ANG PAO OF THE YEAR Award goes to.............

The Royal Bank of Scotland! This was given by Ms Koh, former Student Affairs Manager at our college. She always give very special looking ang paos and this year is of no exception! Besides being gold (my fav!), the design is very special, opens up like a paper wallet, very simple but creative!

The BEST BANK-SPONSORED ANG PAO Award goes to.......

OCBC Bank! I actually received 2 from OCBC Bank, one is red and the other is peachy pink. I think they produced a few designs, like a set- collect all 4 designs or something! For a relatively unpopular bank, OCBC did a good job here unlike the very boring designs by other banks. HSBC's ang paos are equally good too, as you can see above (the gold packets picture).

Ok, here comes the TOP REVENUE CONTRIBUTORS Award........

My Parents of course!!!

Here's the revenue statistics......

Top contributor would be my parents, followed by C's mom, my boss, Ms Koh and E's music teacher (who sells the most awesome kai see hor fun in the world)..... I did not put in the RM10 and RM5 contributors as there were too many and I can't possibly remember.

Looks quite a lot of money but I can assure you 3/4 of it is gone now, mainly to petrol and toll, mobile phone reloads, losing some to the friendly card games, my daily lunch money, financing my Perth trip in March, February household contribution etc.

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