Sunday, February 15, 2009

So Near Yet So Far

Remember my previous post on the ingenius ang pao idea by Pernod Ricard? Well, I was very excited about the results. Who wouldn't as the ticket may have a chance of striking the jackpot righttttt...?

The number's 9392, 9392, 9392... repeat and remember that.

Let's check the results.

It came out 3rd prize- 9293!! Well because I am not well versed with how the game goes, I thought I might have some chances in getting some money because my number has 9, 2, 9, and 3 numbers, but only reversed. A quick check with Khian and HB, I was left disappointed :( Apparently I can only consider 'winning' if I have all the combinations.

Sighs, why..... I think the 'so near yet so far' feeling is worst than not striking any number at all!

p/s: HB said if I could have won RM500 if I had all the combinations or my ticket no. was 9293.


kennhyn said...

as the saying will said, what is urs is urs... haha

SheenaLiam said...

Haha. So close.
Keep truing. You chance will come.

Khian said...

Why do you always come to me, when you have such questions to ask?
Eh, where's my good girl image lah??

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Seriously... Really close... Same numbers but different arrangements only. Might as well give you a different number and you wont feel as bad right? Cause it's so close yet, you didn't win. But if impossible to win (number very different), you'd just think "tough luck!"

KY said...

better luck next time! :P

Anonymous said...

I hope your not going to start gambling? This is how they all start. "buy small small only laar" "try try luck lor" "play play oni" until the red paint start showing up that is. ;)

YilingL said...

Yeah, I guess so :(

Keep trying?? Haha I am not a compulsive gambler leh!

Because you berpengetahuan luas mah :D

Yeah lo, so closeeeee!!

Considering that I don't buy numbers, I don't think I'll need that luck.

Don't worry! I don't buy numbers! Really one!!!

cindy khor said...

such a pity...

YilingL said...

Yeah!! RM500 richer... not that I am any poorer but it's so nearrrrr... yet so far :(

Sue Me said... kan cheong..if the number didnt terbalik, you would have extra cash hor. Nvm nvm..try again next time :)

YilingL said...

Su Ling,
Yea man. Sakit hati betul!!!!

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