Tuesday, April 22, 2008

MDG- Malaysian Drama Girls

today's post is not about food, rather my humble opinion of the current online reality show hype- Malaysian Dreamgirl (MDG). if you must know, yes i watched every single episode of it and i will tell you what i think thus far (eps1-14).

Q: What do you get when you put 12 girls together in a house?
A: Drama, Drama, Drama, and more Drama.

in the first 10 episodes or so, the clear biatch in the house was...


speaks with an accent on camera and got all the girls complaining about her. but when i watched her intro video, i thought she really stood out- the way she speaks, full of confidence, articulate, fluent, clear, determined. but still, she was quite a biatch on camera. the recent few episodes showed that she somehow has toned down her biatch-ness, camera time also reduced... to give way to another biatch i suppose.

BUT! as the show progresses... another biatch is showing her true colors, and she is none other than...


super competitive and completely took over the biatch of the house title from cindy. nadia also looks very old for a 20 year old girl... i thought she's like 25 or something!

superlongwinded on camera, c'mon la like what porcinusmay said about the MIFA rehearsals, i can see the stage is L shape and i don't want to know if you've "sketched" the stage and see other girls walking yada yada yada blah blah blah. most of the time, her sentences just don't connect!

in Eps 12- MIFA launch (5:56):

"i feel intimidated of course and i feel jealous and also part of them because they are my close friends also and... if they were, you know, requested on trying on these designer clothes and whatsoever... for me, every dog has its day, so, it will be my chance... because i... i seen jay and hanis also they tried hard and they look *rolls eyes* beautiful of course. i rea... i... i just feel like they are more beautiful than me, prettier and everything, so i guess it's a good chance for them but it's gonna be my turn also some day."

in Eps 13- House Guest (3:19) nadia starts her super-bitching:

"cindy was... err she... she has a crush on JP so, you know she was paying attention mostly to JP, so I mean... no offence, it's ok, you know for me because *fake hahaha* I bet you can feel it JP *points to camera* *fake hahaha* during the dinner she was sitting next to JP and during the game also she was sitting reaaaaally close to JP so I mean we know that she likes him, so, you know, let it go *fake hahaha*"

aiyoh c'mon la any girl will be attracted to JP as well... see how kiutt he is... nadia, you know you like him too, so stop bitching about cindy. at least she's brave enough to admit it. just reflects how low you are to bitch about others when you kept saying "i mean... no offence..." pls-lah! viewers aren't dumb ok!

i bet nadia is super jealous... 0_0

Episode 13- Elimination

if you would have noticed, after sazzy said nadia was safe and thus jay has to be eliminated, nadia hugged jay only to be given a big loud slap at the back. *pap* ouch! imho, jay shouldn't have done that even if she dislikes nadia... anyway jay is back in the show cos it wasnt an elimination. as much as i think jay has what it takes to be a model, i don't think she's gonna make it since it's based on sms votes.

my forecast of TOP 3-

(duh! she has a HUGE fanbase from her blog and has never been in the bottom 3. deserving? as much as i love reading her blog, she's got a cute sweet face but definitely not dreamgirl material. and i think she writes better than she speaks on screen. the kiutsy voice just annoys me)

hanis (the hanis in photos and the hanis in real life is completely 2 different persons! she has good photos and runway style but i get irritated by the way she talks too! 1-2 episodes okla quite manis but a few more episodes omg can she stop that manja tone already??!! i know she's only 18 this year but c'mon. "macam tu la kan... best giler... always like this la kan..." *frustrated grrr- drags forward*)

cindy (she may not have a good impression but like many others, guys like this kinda girls don't they? plus, she comes from a well to do family... and it's the sms votes that counts... so yeah go figure)

my comments on MDG:

i hate reality shows which are based on sms votes. not only they are expensive (if someone you know is in it, of course somehow you're compelled to vote for them right), they are also very unfair... see what happened to alison. she was one of my fav! but got voted out in the 1st elimination :( i think results should be based on 50% judges and 50% sms votes.

stop airing crying-yakking scenes already! especially after a girl is eliminated, then every single remaining girl talks about how "special, wonderful, caring, blahblahblah damn fake ok* the girl is and it drags for damn long... most of the time i just skip!

MDG- 12 girls, 1 house, 1487937295 dramas

p/s: i'm going to redang tonight! be back soon!

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