Monday, March 2, 2009

Outback Steakhouse @ Bangsar Village

Back in the days when I was working for Fidani during the 3 weeks before Christmas at a little booth in Bangsar Village, I had to clock in (though not literally) about 9 hours on weekdays and 12 hours on weekends. It was very tiring, typical promoter job with the exception that I sold high class and delicious chocolates and my 3 weeks pay was more than some people's salary for a month!

Due to the long hours and freezing cold environment, meal times are the only times I rejoiced most. But because I was working in a place called Bangsar, food there were expensive. Once in a while you try to indulge but most often it burns a hole in your pocket. I had ALOT of nasi lemak tambah kari and telur mata kerbau from Devi's Corner then, very unhealthy but it's the cheapest thing there.

We're the Ipoh girls :D

I remember passing by Outback Steakhouse almost every time I had to get my nasi lemak. It was like a sacred place- only for those with money, and I hadn't any, that's why had to work-loh! I was so tempted to go in but eventually didn't but this is one off the checklist now as I decided to make a visit to the restaurant last Friday for a dinner get-together with my childhood friends- Khian and Mel.

Aussie Cheese Fries- RM17.95
Aussie cheese topped with Monteray Jack, Cheddar cheeses and bacon served with spicy ranch dressing

Bushman 'Shrooms- RM17.95
Mushrooms breaded and deep fried served with spicy ranch dressing

As usual, I was tasked with ordering the appetizers. The Aussie Cheese Fries was my pick as it looked so delectable (and sinful) in the menu. We were torn between the Buffalo Chicken Wings and Bushman 'Shrooms but eventually picked the latter. The cheese fries came a bit cold and the cheese were already hardened while the fries stuck to each other. We were abit disappointed though, moreover the bacon bits were so little, so different from the picture in the menu! The deep fried mushrooms fared a little bit better, but we agreed that TGIF's version is better than Outback's. At least at TGIF's the batter was golden brown and fluffy.

Campfire Salmon- RM34.95

Mel had the Campfire Salmon which came drenched with what looked like tomato sauce. Taste wise, the salmon was ok, fresh but Mel commented that she prefered the one in Tony Roma's.

Sizzling Sirloin- RM34.95
A sizzling plate of tender beef, sliced and served over grilled onions and a fresh medley of grilled vegetables

The sirloin was a little bit too well done, Khian had ordered it to be 70% but later we laughed at her and asked her what "70%" means? As expected, we thought the chef couldn't interpret 70% and decided to just make it 101%. The meat was abit stiff but the grilled onions were awesome. I love it!

Outback Sirloin- RM44.95
An 8-Ounce center-cut sirloin, seasoned and seared to perfection served with corn on the cob, steamed vegies and garlic mashed potato

I chose the very tempting Outback Sirloin. You should look at the picture in the menu, anyone would be tempted too, including vegans! I opted for it to be done Medium-Rare.


Because it was so awesome, here's another picture. And no, I did not get any bad stomachache after that.

The outside was grilled perfectly leaving the center inside still reddish. I know most people can't take beef, moreover it being a little bit raw but you're reading the blog of a person who loves beef and loves the half raw wagyu maki at Senjyu. The meat was so tender, it was almost effortless to eat it! I think this was the only consolation to the whole meal, at least I was satisfied.

The bill came at RM173.35, inclusive of 15% (un)necessary taxes, not cheap, similar to TGIF and Chilli's pricing. However, good news is iced/warm water is free and comes refillable- phew, now you can save on drinks and oder another appetizer!

p/s: I've posted an update on TENJI's buffet promotion. Click here to read :)

Outback Steakhouse

GL-6, Bangsar Village
No.1 Jalan Telawi Satu
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2287 7850

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