Wednesday, February 27, 2008

fig & olive

sorry for the lack of food updates. been extremely busy with assignments!

anyway, few days ago, i had a meet up with 2 of my close friends from high school and i suggested fig & olive since its a relatively new place and all three of us hadnt try out the place (p/s: and also cos elaine threatened to close down my blog if i recommend a bad place!)

*fig & olive is a mediterranean cuisine restaurant.

fig & olive is having a rm29.90 set meal promotion. there are 4 sets to choose from-

1. grilled dory mushroom pasta
2. figo cyprus steak
3. olio andalusia skewer
4. zafirah zaytoon steak

+ starters (soup of the day)
+ dessert (sliced fresh fruits)
+ drinks (orange, guava or lime juice)

guava & orange juice

mushroom soup

zafira zaytoon steak (ala carte @ rm23.50)
beef steak with olive herbs, potato cilantro and fresh salad

grilled dory mushroom pasta- (ala carte @ rm23.50)
grilled dory with herbs, creamy mushroom, tomato pasta and fresh salad

figo cyprus steak (ala carte @ rm22.50)
beef steak with fig herbs, tomato pasta and fresh salad

sliced watermelon and papaya

food portion was great and we found the price to be reasonable. taste wise, it was a really different flavour from the usual steaks and fish at tgif or other western joints. there were no doubt some disappointments though. for instance, we requested for medium-rare for our steaks but it came like its well done. eejuen commented that the fish had a little fishy taste though i found it to be ok. the soup was just slightly warm, would have been better if it was hot. also the salad... now, im not a fan of salad so i found the salad to be really bitter and let's just say i left it as it was after a bite :/

mediterranean cuisine involves using alot of olives and herbs & spices and also dates. i dont usually take olives but i found it to be quite flavourful when coupled with the steak, and i like the oregano/rosemary (??) herbs & spices used.

its hidden in a very reclusive place along the marrakesh street. when we were there, there was only a table occupied. and during the duration we were there, only two tables including ours were occupied even though it was dinner time. i foresee that it'll end up gulung tikar very soon if business doesn't improve, which is rather sad as we found the food were quite ok and reasonably priced.

i think i will definitely come back for more!

... back to assignments :(

fig & olive
lg2-122a lower ground 2,
marrakesh sunway pyramid (new wing),
46150 petaling jaya.
tel: 03-74920955

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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