Sunday, October 19, 2008

Restoran Fong Chuan

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Fong Chuan claypot porridge

It was a porridge diet last weekend. On Saturday night, I was out for dinner with the sister and her future in laws. It was Aunt Mary's birthday. We went to Klang for porridge as recommended by Aunt Mary's friend. Trips to Klang for Bak Kut Teh is normal but for porridge is a first for me. Nonetheless, if it's recommended it can't be bad, right?

Fong Chuan's speciality lies in its variety of claypot porridge. The shop is humble looking, both exterior and interior. It is not that difficult to locate if you know where the famous Teluk Pulai BKT @ Taman Rasnah is. It is abit funny that on a Saturday night, there was hardly any customers patronizing the eateries there. The BKT shop opposite Fong Chuan was awfully quiet.

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Fish porridge- RM11

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Century egg porridge- RM11

After a quick browse-through of the typical paper laminated menu, we gave the honour of ordering the night's meal to the birthday girl. Aunt Mary ordered a serving of the fish porridge (RM11) and another serving of the century egg porridge (RM11). For me, I do not have any preference of what goes together in my porridge though my most favourite condiments would be peanuts and dried oyster. The fish and century egg porridge arrived in claypots, not too diluted and not too dried. Perfectly done :D It is the tastiness of such a simple meal that is rare these days...

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Special fried chicken- RM12

To go with our porridge and our fix of meat, Eiling ordered the special fried chicken (RM12). It came piping hot with thinly sliced cucumber to 'cool' the dish down. The special fried chicken tasted great! The meat was fresh and tender (it instantly reminded me of the honey chicken I had in KK which was exactly the opposite: stiff and hard to chew), the skin was crispy and it was delicious. It certainly fits the name- special.

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Stir fried string beans with dried shrimps- RM8

A meal can never be balanced or healthy without a dose of greens. Eiling suggested the stir fried string beans done with dried shrimps (RM8). Another excellent choice I would say as the 'wok hei' that came with the cooked beans is something we cannot achieve at home. However, the star of the night IMHO, is the fried dried shrimps which was so flavourful and crunchy. It may be little and small but it was certainly a winner. I wished they had a bowl of this for me to go with my porridge. The dried shrimps reminded me of my favourite claypot loh she fun at Serdang which I haven't eaten for very long.


The following morning, Eiling and I headed to Petaling Street for some materials/bargains-searching for our upcoming project which will be revealed very soon (stay tune!). I suggested that we should have the famous Hon Kee porridge for breakfast. Even though we just had porridge the night before, it is not everyday that we are at the Petaling Street area. Moreover, I miss the fried intestines (Non-Halal)! Yum yum.

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Raw fish porridge with fried intestines and a cup of herbal tea- RM9

I had blogged about Hon Kee famous porridge before.
The fried intestines were awesome even after takeaway and left overnight. However, Eiling had a terrible first-time experience with the porridge as she found a metal piece of thing (those metal sponges to wash dishes?) halfway through her porridge and felt so disgusted after that. The owner only muttered, "Oh, sorry." and left things as it is without suggesting any compensation (monetary or non monetary). I don't know if it's far too common things like this happens in his shop but for now, I am not going back for the porridge. The fried intestines, that's another story... hehe :D

Read Eiling's story here.

Restoran Fong Chuan

No. 49A, Jalan 3,
Kawasan 16, Taman Intan,
41300 Klang, Selangor.
Tel: 019-2633139

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