Tuesday, October 16, 2007

restoran huat kee

herro, folks! how was raya holidays? mine was not much of a hols, but i had two great dinners during the weekend/hols. yesterday night, my uncles called for family dinner and we had it all the wayyyyyyyyyy in semenyih. this wasnt our first visit to the humble restaurant, in fact our first visit would be one thats gonna be forever etched in my gastronomic memory!

restoran huat kee

on our first visit somewhere end of last year, we ate like pigs and hungry vultures. after all 15 tummies were stuffed, all of us just walked out of the restaurant coolly and calmly... until we reached an uncle's place and the adults started to ask how much was their share to the bill. uncle A looked at uncle B, uncle B pointed to aunty C, aunty C shook her head saying 'i dunno' and asked aunty D.

... and then we all burst out laughing! nobody paid, but everyone ate like pigs.

but of course, being honest customers my aunty gave a call to the restaurant to inform them about this. my aunty paid them in her next visit and they promised a complimentary noodle dish next time.

anyway, that was my first and so far only experience of eating 'ba wong chan' (ate without paying bill). i still find it hillarious, 15 grown ups ate, laughed, burped, patted their backsides and walked out without paying. and the proprietors/workers didnt even noticed!

ice bucket

restoran huat kee is located somewhere tucked in the corner of the little town of semenyih, somewhere i will never in my food-loving life be able to find if not for my jalan-jalan cari makan uncles and aunties. respect sial. the journey from kl to semenyih takes about 30-45 mins with 3 tolls throughout the journey. it is not a very proper restaurant, in fact it deserves to be called kedai makanan more (restoran is too high klass).

after 'bout 30mins or more of waiting...

fried fish with loadsa shredded onions, cucumbers and red chillies

boney parts of the fish cooked with tofu

stir fried fish fillet with chives (kau choi??)

the first 3 dishes were all from the same fish, hence the name- one fish, three dishes. the fried fish were fried to perfection, crispy and i dont know what other ingredients went in with the marination/batter but it tasted reaaaaaaally goooooood. the shredded onions and cucumbers complemented the dish very well.

the second fish dish (heheh it rhymes!) was the boney parts of the fish cooked with tofu and some chives. i only had a piece of the tofu, the fish parts didnt really appeal to me. tasted ok-lah, not my kinda fish dish.

the third fish dish is a common one found in most tai chow/restaurants. its one of my fav style of fish dish :) taste-wise, not too bad.

some vege

stir fried kangkung

i dont know whats the name of the first vege. any vege-nius can enlighten me?

the stir fried kangkung was delicious. can really taste the 'wok hei' (big wok with big fire). thumbs up!

fried sotong

everybody loves fried sotong! this sotong dont quite look like sotong to me, i reckon because of the batter enveloping them looks out of shape (am i making any sense?). taste-wise, its nice, crispy and tangy, just the way i like it with a little spicyness cos of the cili padies.

pork ribs with capsicum, baby corns, chillies, onions, carrots and 'tau si' (black beans?)

i only had a piece or two of this, its clearly not my fav dish. and i dont really like pork ribs with little or no meat at all. so if i were to be the one ordering, this will not appear on my order list.

the total bill for 7 dishes above inclusive of rice and teh cina for 14 persons (plus 2 ice buckets) was rm185.


restoran huat kee
somewhere in semenyih.

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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