Sunday, November 4, 2007

shihlin taiwan street snacks

sorry folks, meant to post this yeaterday but was as busy as a bee can be!! yesterday morning i had to attend ziling's convocation at inti-uc nilai. yeah she has FINALLY graduated, lol. was a very emotional affair for me *cough* cos she doesnt look like a graduate in every possible sense to me! *end cough* we had 5 first class honours for the accounting major this time and all of 'em were girls! girl power yay. even the valedictorian was a girl.

congrats to jason for getting the leadership skills award!! hoorah!!

will blog about it with pictures later.

teaser: guess who i met there?? (hint: blogger whos sort-of a celebrity, but doesnt act and sings awfully. take a guess! winners will be handsomely/prettily rewarded with my picture with that 'celebrity' LOL)


at night, i attended the socit homecoming ball 2007 at crystal crown hotel, pj. got to know a few alumni people, will also blog about it with pictures later.


BUT NOW... lets go back to talking about food.

as ive mentioned in my last post, i went to 1utama the other day and shihlin taiwan street snacks was my teatime-dinner stop. the shop is really small, about half the size of a normal shoplot and its ALWAYS (with capitals, bolded, underlined, fontsize 72 followed by invisible exclamation question-mark exclaimation asterisk hatch-key exclamation) FULL.

seats are pretty limited, like bout 10 at a time. i thought of getting lunch there, but it was full. half hour later, it was full. an hour later, it was still full. grrrr. ended up it was slightly unfull at bout 4pm.

shop façade

everything take and go! (no need to pay, muahaha)

shihlin taiwan street snacks is famous for its XXL crispy chicken, but it also offers few others snacks, according to your fancy. my sister recommended the crispy floss egg crepe and i know that they sell oyster mee sua as well. yeps, very attracted by the "oyster" word. i love oysters!!

oh jien (oysters omellete), fresh oysters, dried oysters (for boiling soup), dried oysters with peanuts porridge, cheese baked oysters, you name it, i love it <3>also cos oysters are atasan delicacies, and so to have oysters in mee sua for rm5.50 (!!!), you must be kidding me.

... but i kid you not.

oyster mee sua-rm5.50
oh tuhan saya, 3 biji oysters yang besarrrr *faints*

the mee sua has shredded chicken meat and the broth is thick. the only putdown was I HATE PARSLEY (or was it coriander??), anyway i really dislike the taste of the broth mixed with the garnishings. potong steam saya jer.

there were 3 big oysters innit... what can i say, BIG, JUICY, and erm BIG?

crispy floss egg crepe- rm5.50

OH NO... those green garnishings again! luckily the crepe didnt absorb the smell of those pesky greens. anyway, as you can see in the first picture, there is chicken floss enveloped in the crepe and the crepe is a mixed of batter and eggs. it tasted much like a thinner version of roti canai telur tambah chicken floss, and it is served with a sweet brownish sauce over it. it was tasty, but after my third piece or so, i was already feeling full... my full-o-meter hit 9/10.

but. i. must. finish. them.

and so i did. all by myself (*flashes wide grin*). now who says im undereating ??!! grrrrr.

at shihlin, every item on the menu is at rm5.50 (i suppose they're all inclusive of the obligatory taxes) as i read of the price jump from rm4.80 only last time.

rm11 for both items

i will certainly come back to try the XXL crispy chicken next time!!

shihlin taiwan street snacks
lot s54, 1 utama shopping centre (old wing)
no 1, lebuh bandar utama,
bandar utama damansara,
47800 pj, selangor.
(2nd floor near tgv cinema)
and new outlet at pavillion, kl

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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