Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shanghai World Expo 2010 in Pictures

1. Pavillions @ Expo

The theme of Shanghai World Expo 2010 is based on 'Better City, Better Life'. Therefore, many structures are built based on this theme using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. The contents of every pavillion is almost similar playing around with the country's culture, attractions and the nation's initiatives moving towards being an eco-friendly country. We bought a 3-day pass at RMB400 (about RM200) and only managed 2 days as the area is far too big for our legs to handle the walking. If you've heard it from others, yes I would like to reaffirm that the QUEUE IS CRAZY, too many people every single nook and cranny! The longest that we bothered to queue was about 1.5 hours to get into Australia Pavillion.

Warning: Loads of pictures ahead with my face.

Malaysia Pavillion (the good side)

Malaysia Pavillion (the bad side- from top L: fake coconut trees and blue background to portray our sandy beaches, virtual golf game that is ROSAK, handbags and traveling luggage, and what has bathroom, bedroom and living room furnitures got to do with our culture and M'sia???)

Singapore Pavillion- nothing extraordinarily fascinating either

China Provinces Pavillion- the landmark of Shanghai World Expo 2010

Chinese Provinces Pavillion- the insides that showcase specialities of each province

Australia Pavillion- do you know the structure is made of rusted metal planks?

Australia Pavillion

Africa Pavillion

Belgium EU Pavillion

UK Pavillion- still one of the bestest looking structure

Spain Pavillion

Serbia Pavillion- love the colours! It's made of plastic blocks

Portugal Pavillion- the structure is made of cork

Polska Pavillion

France Pavillion

Germany Pavillion

Some random pavillion that I can't remember...

Egypt Pavillion- I know whatcha thinking... why isn't it a pyramid structure?

South Korea Pavillion- massive structure and love the colourful Korean words. The queue was crazy, about 5 hours long

Uzbekistan Pavillion

Japan Pavillion- Another crazy queue that's 5 hours long!

Vietnam Pavillion- I like this though, it's entirely made of bamboos!

UAE Pavillion- Another consistently super crazy queue...

Other Pavillions- Pakistan, Israel, Taiwan, HK, Macau, Tunisia, Thailand and Sri Lanka

2. Food @ Expo

These are food from Germany and Belgium's Pavillion (tasty but super expensive!)

3. Other Misc

Engrish and look at the sign showing how long the queue is...

The Shanghai World Expo 2010 is still ongoing until 31st October 2010, so if you don't want to miss this opportunity to experience the massiveness of structures and people, book your tix and make your way to Shanghai before the month ends!

The China experience ends here and coming up it will be a journey to Indonesia. Stay tune!
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