Thursday, January 17, 2008

restoran mee papan

i'm not kidding! the shop name is called 'mee papan'. been wanting to try this shop out eversince it opened, but never had the determination. HAHA.

ok, so one fine afternoon i went with my sister and boy were we so disappointed after that. to sum the whole visit out, which will probably be our FIRST and the LAST...

variety- oklah a few variations on pan mee. dry, soup, with eggs, curry, fried. also got porridge and rice dishes.
taste- BAD.
price- cheap, if it was nice. pricey in this case cos it was bad.
service- poor. one gelabah and one blur waiter. it was just pan mee, not fine dining and it took about more than half an hour for food to arrive.
ambience- oklah, not too bad. open kitchen concept, comfy chairs...

gingko barley- rm2.50
they ruined my fav tong sui :(
the broth is supposed to be barley white, not brownish!!
and only 2 miserable half pieces of gingko. grrr...

loh hon go- rm2.50

big wood's dumpling (3 pcs)- rm4
this was ok-lah.

chief's pan mee (dried)- rm4.80
i believe they meant 'chef' not 'chief'. anyway, the noodles were so thick!

chief's pan mee (soup)- rm4.80
again, noodles were so think! and the broth was so peppery and msg'ed. somemore the fried anchovies softened so fast...

smooth egg pan mee- rm5.80
thick noodles again... broth not much taste.

what more can i say? disappointing... total bill was rm25.10 with a 5% service charge. truly a eat to live place.

my (so far) fav pan mee is success team coffee shop near inti college manned by this uncle who's alil' sombong but nevertheless his pan mee is quite nice.

where's yours?

restoran mee papan
56-g, jalan anggerik vanilla m31/m,
kota kemuning, shah alam.
tel: 03-51213625

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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