Sunday, April 27, 2008

good weather friends

standing at the finishing line, i begin to wonder alot of things.



oh work.

yes, tomorrow is my first day at work. i'm excited like... err... the first day of everything! from entering kindergarten (actually can't remember but i think i was excited), to primary school, secondary school, to moving to another state, and another secondary school (from all girls school to co-ed! culture shock!), to college and then uni... and now the workforce.

a turmoil of emotions, yes. estatic. overjoyed. panicky. happy. scared. nervous. anxious. afraid. complacent. contented. uneasy. euphoric. glad. pleased. sad. gloomy. worried. i could list you a million adjectives but yet words fail to describe what i am feeling at the moment.

what should i wear tomorrow?
which pair of shoes?
what time to wake up?
where should i get my breakfast from?
what time to sleep tonight?
what do i do when i see my colleagues?
do i tag along for lunch?
what should i say?

a million emotions accompanied by a million questions- 'first day questions' i call it. questions i have no answers to. questions that i wish there was someone to help me find an answer. i wish i have my sisters with me- from the first day of primary school till the first day of uni, i always have an answer.

where to line up for morning assembly, where to get my food, where to report lost&founds, where to get my notes photocopied, what to do in class, what not to say to lecturers, what to do to gain marks and where to park my car.

there was always an answer.

but now i have to do this alone, in a territory totally new and unknown, unexplored and unexpected, unfamiliar and different. i am scared.

(sorry abit emo :-/)

the finishing line is only the beginning. and tomorrow is where it begins.

goodnight world.

(p/s: if you're wondering the relevance of the title... well i meant to write something on it, but i supposed there are some things better left unsaid, unknown and unquestioned)

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