Sunday, February 15, 2009

So Near Yet So Far

Remember my previous post on the ingenius ang pao idea by Pernod Ricard? Well, I was very excited about the results. Who wouldn't as the ticket may have a chance of striking the jackpot righttttt...?

The number's 9392, 9392, 9392... repeat and remember that.

Let's check the results.

It came out 3rd prize- 9293!! Well because I am not well versed with how the game goes, I thought I might have some chances in getting some money because my number has 9, 2, 9, and 3 numbers, but only reversed. A quick check with Khian and HB, I was left disappointed :( Apparently I can only consider 'winning' if I have all the combinations.

Sighs, why..... I think the 'so near yet so far' feeling is worst than not striking any number at all!

p/s: HB said if I could have won RM500 if I had all the combinations or my ticket no. was 9293.
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