Monday, June 29, 2009

Food Republic @ Vivo City

I thought I'd better write on my Singapore posts before it gets abit too backdated and obsolete hehe. I'm going to start on my part time professional studies soon, so my weekdays and weekends will be preoccupied, won't leave me much time to even go to the loo, what more blog??! Sighs.

Everyday is Chinese New Year here

Food Republic by far sets the standard for food court food and deco. Can't say much about the debut in Pavillion but in Singapore (I've been to both Vivo City & Atria's), FR really lives up to its standard. Even if you don't eat, it's nice to just linger around with such great ambience- you're automatically transported back to the olden days.

Ham Chim Peng

There were so many stalls to choose from, but we spotted the golden brown fried crullers and decided to settle on the traditional fried crullers and tau foo fah combination.

Dou Jiang You Tiao

There's a Chinese saying that goes by "Dou Jiang You Tiao" (a song by the same name by Taiwanese based Singaporean singer Lin Jun Jie) meaning "inseparable". What a meaningful breakfast eh?


A stone bowl of piping hot bimbimbab... very healthy choice indeed ;-)

Huat Huat BBQ Wings

Huat Huat BBQ Wings comes acalling. Had this during my visit to Singapore last year and it was great! Decided I should relive the good taste and memory......

BBQ Wings + Pie Tee

I ordered the Pie Tee (4 pieces @ $3.50) and BBQ Wings (3 pieces @ $3.90), both from Huat Huat BBQ Chicken stall. Finger lickin' goodness of a breakfast.

All recharged, we decided to go... SHOPPING!
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