Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Milk and Butter @ Jln Telawi, Bangsar

Milk & Butter
Milk and Butter

Jln Telawi, we're on a roll! Another new outlet to surface at the Telawi Street in Bangsar is Milk and Butter. Not too sure which shop it took over but it's at a very strategic location, opposite Antipodean and a pebble's throw from Bangsar Village. The outlet is twice the size of Antipodean - I do like the latter too, but it's always so packed and a great disliking for the blackboard menu!

Wild mushroom soup
Wild mushroom soup - RM11

Well, if you find yourself feeling the same (packed outlet, long queue to be seated, non-existant paper menu... or genuinely wants to try some place new), head on to Milk and Butter and be sure to order this zuppa of wild mushroom soup! It is unarguably one of the best(est) version of mushroom soup simply because of the extra flavours of bites of walnuts and julienned ham. We credit the chef for the ingenuity!

Egg benedict with tukey ham
Egg benedict with turkey ham - RM16
Brioche bread, saute asparagus, poached egg, turkey ham and hollandaise

Smoke salmon and grill chicken crostini with mushroom fricasee
Smoke salmon & grill chicken crostini with mushroom crostini - RM20
Brioche bread, turkey ham, tomato slice, mango salsa, sundried tomato, goat cheese, chopped black olive & salad

Escargot a La Creme with asparagus
Escargot a la creme with asparagus - RM21
French escargot, mini vol-au-vent, creme sauce and asparagus

The smoke salmon and grill chicken crostini fared okay - nothing over the moon, but no complains. The 'main-appetizer' of escargots in vol-au-vent (small hollow case of puff pastry) was something different but the cream could be quite overwhelming if you try to finish it all by yourself. Not all were hits, as we find the anticipated egg benedict bland... in fact, very bland. Last we checked, we weren't in a hospital. Not sure if a pinch of salt was missed out or bland is the new trend?

Latte for 2

We love milk, we love butter, we definitely love the mushroom soup and we will return!

Milk and Butter
25G, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar Baru,
Kuala Lumpur.

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