Monday, April 21, 2008

bubba gump shrimp co.

bubba gump shrimp co.

if fish&co. specializes in fish, king crab in crabs, nando's in chicken, and sanfransisco steakhouse in steak... what does bubba gump shrimp co. specializes in?

it takes no genius to figure it out. of cos- shrimps! (aka prawns, udang, 'har')

"bu... bubba... gu... gump... what??!", you ask? (sounds like bubble gum, yes?)

forest gump's house?

funny and familiar as it sounds, the restaurant is (yes, i hear you forest gump fans out there) based on the forest gump movie. bubba is forest gump's best friend.

interesting & memorable quotes from the movie

"life is like a plate of shrimps, you'll never know what type of shrimps you get"

i'm kidding of cos. anyway, yesterday my sister and i were in the curve to get some shopping done and we chanced upon this restaurant due to its bright neon lights... found out that it was their first opening day yesterday. how lucky of us to be among the first bloggers to try out this place! :D

table setting- too many things on the table

the place ain't packed or anything and it still puzzles us why we were put on the 'waiting list' for about 25 mins but we assumed that it was probably their 1st day so they didn't want too many people just so they could provide the best service and smoothen things out :-/

we were fortunately seated at the upper floor as it allows us to have a glance of the place from bottom to top. deco's pretty impressive, they must have spent quite an amount to provide this "forest gump" experience. you'll see alot of memorabilia of the movie (signs, t-shirts, sauce bottles, pictures etc). what caught our attention the most was of cos the table setting. see the metal plate sign- 'run forest run' and 'stop forest stop'?

posing with the quirky signs

this is how its supposed to work. 'run forest run' is similar to the hotel room sign 'do not disturb' while 'stop forest stop' is similar to 'housekeeping please'. so when you need something from the restaurant crews, simply flip to the red sign and when you want a peaceful meal flip it over to the blue sign. simple and innovative :)

maybe it was their first day, the crews were feeling excited and hyper... we kept the sign at 'run forest run' but every 5 mins or so the crews kept coming over our table to ask if we needed anything/is the food alright/any more orders etc. its good service to a point that it was getting kinda annoying :-/

you name it, they've got it- mama gump hot sauce, lingham's sos cili, heinz malt vinegar and ketchup

okay time for a review of the food!

run forest run- rm10.90
fresh oranges, strawberries, bananas and non-fat raspberry frozen yogurt

cajun shrimp appetizer- rm20.90
sauteed in hot and spicy cajun butter sauce. served with garlic bread for dippin'.

shrimper's heaven- rm44.90

chilly shrimp

fried shrimp

coconut shrimp

tempura shrimp

dippin' sauces, coleslaw and thick cut fries

the above orders are all bubba gump's recommended items, i supposed we can't go wrong with these. indeed everything tastes good, most importantly the shrimps are fresh and succulent at average sizes too. there are however a few lembik soggy ones. the appetizer was delish! cocktails & smoothies are available but imho, to wash down all the fried stuff, iced water is the best :D

for non-seafood eaters, there are also items for you such as steak/chicken... concept, prices and servings are pretty similar to tgif & chilli's.

but for now... we are staying away from japanese food and shrimps for a month!


bubba gump shrimp co.
lot 145, 1st floor, the curve.
(beside paddington house of pancakes)

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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