Friday, March 13, 2009

Bought from Australia

Greetings from Malaysia again! I arrived this morning at 11.30am with 2 heavy bags, all containing my loot (and dirty laundry) from Perth. I bought so much of jewelleries that it will please all the females at home. Some food stuff, clothings (I try not to buy so much as I'm hitting Bangkok end of the month), cookbooks for mom...

AND my favourite L'eau Par Kenzo Pour Homme for such a steal! Even after converting! It is in a coffret set, EDT 100ml + Shower Gel 100ml for only AUD55.80 (after conversion= RM134). The single 50ml is already retailing at RM180, Malaysia DF Price. Yes I know it's a male fragrance, but trust me it's the most unisex pour homme evarrrr. It was almost love at first sight when I went testing perfumes around the shop when I was still with my previous company. I also got two 20ml bottles of CK In2U at only AUD20 each.

I got most of my clothes from the factory outlet stores at Harbour Town. My most expensive purchase would be AUD 19.95. Given on a dollar-to-dollar comparison, the stuff here are so much cheaper! You'll find most of the shops with "Nothing over 9.95" corners. I got the colorful shawls at Cotton On for only AUD1 each, I bought all 4 colors :D The jewelleries I got was such a steal as well (again, the rule is don't convert...). You'll probably find some of them at Lings & Blings later :D

The most interesting steal however is these miniature bottles of famous liquor at AUD5.99 each from the duty free shop in Perth Airport. I wish I could buy all of them but liquor allowance for M'sians are only 3 bottles of these 200ml miniatures. I bought 3 when I arrived and another 3 when I departed.

The cutest has got to be the Absolut because I'm quite a biased like that, I love Absolut bottles! The picture above is a visual comparison- 1 litre, 20cl and 5cl. The 20cl looks too cuteeeee. Now someone must donate me a bottle of the Absolut Blue 5cl so that I can have a happy family :DDD

I don't have the litre size for Bailey's, so here's a visual comparison of the 20cl bottle and 5cl one. So cute right????
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