Saturday, October 20, 2007

saturday's muses

and these sums up what ive been busybodying about:

my 35 pages assignment! *wipes big sweat, phew!*

first hanyu pinyin class :) not easy, ok!

watching new tvb series which are on astro on demand but im catching 'em through megavideo.
thank god for people who actually upload series online. if theres anything as brownie points, i'll give them one for every episode uploaded ;)

'the ultimate crime fighter'

'men don't cry'

and every Friday, ive been dutifully attending music practice with ms jane and ms ruby from socit (inti's school of computing & it) for our upcoming socit ball performance in nov. am doing music accompaniment for 'em. hope everything works out, if it does, hope to hook up another performance/ afew more performances with 'em next semester... my final semester, before leaving college...

last but not least, finals is coming, 11 more days. omg have to study. wish me luck!

have a great weekend peeps :)

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