Saturday, December 10, 2011

Han Lim Seafood at Tmn Midah, Cheras

Prawn Teochew Porridge

To those who doesn't know me that well, my favourite food is actually dai chow - though of course I do fancy the occassional eat-out at nice big restaurants or non-Chinese cuisines, but nothing beats a simple yet delicious meal at a good dai chow.

Super big prawns

As big as a dining plate!

In the area of Cheras (predominantly Chinese area?), there is no doubt good dai chows are also centered there. I have had the chance about 3 weekends ago to try Han Lim Seafood, which apparently is pretty famous for its low priced delicious seafood.

We started off with the prawn teochew porridge (it's not exactly porridge - but rice + soup = teochew style), big fresh prawns and rice in a flavourful broth. Fills you up in a different way compared to having plain white rice with dishes. Then came the supersized prawns, they are so huge it's bigger than my face! We had it done fried, the shells are crisp and the meat is firm and because it's so huge, I had to literally eat it like a cheeseburger! Talk about the cholestrol that comes with this...

Garlic lala

Steamed juicy octopus

We also sampled the garlic lala and steamed octopus. No complains there, on top of it I'll give the steamed octopus 3 thumbs up!

Crab noodles

There was also a plate of steamed fish and fried fish cakes wrapped in fu chuk (beancurd skin) which makes great appetizers (unfortunately no picture). The last dish was the crab noodles which was worth every calorie and penny though if you do order this make sure you have some tummy space to spare!

To prove that this is indeed a cheap delicious seafood meal, the 7 dishes cost only about RM200. And best thing is you get to choose your seafood fresh from the water tanks. The not so good? You have to come early or reserve a table in advance as the premise is packed even on a rainy day.

Han Lim Seafood Restaurant
No. 12, Jalan Midah 12,
Taman Midah, Cheras,
56000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 014-227 0062

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