Wednesday, November 28, 2007

restoran wan hou seafood steamboat

restoran wan hou seafood steamboat

feeling alil' blah again on where to have dinner on sunday night, i being the parasite and lamp post that i have been for the weekend tagged along with jon and eiling for dinner. initially our plan was to try out the famous 6-10 grill. jon claims that the red wine steak/ribs or something is not too bad, but we were still a little full after the bkt and so steamboat was the next option.

a drive along the shops at ss14 (facing ss15) made me realize that they're still alot places i have not tried out before even though i pass by that area almost every single day ! and i didnt even know the existance of wan hou steamboat !

set for 2 pax- rm25


emperor noodles & meehoon + 2 eggs

meatballs 10 per plate- rm6

as we were not too hungry, we ordered a set of 2 for 3 persons. every item came in pairs- fishballs, fish dumplings, corns, prawns, carrots, sui gao, fish fillets, crabsticks etc. we ordered an extra serving of meatballs as it was jon and eiling's fav.

a common sight in most shabu shabu places, this sauce makes its presence here too. its a concoction of sesame oil, fried shallots, cili padies, and garlic. great with steamboat too !

i had a bite at this bigger than usual meatballs and found the verdict to be true. it is pretty damn good- bouncy and juicy. i think i can just order the soup base and eat them with these meatballs to call it a meal. really do give this meatballs a try !

and chinese tea to wash it all down !

total bill- rm34

i found the soup to be flavourful unlike other steamboat places laden with loadsa of ajinamoto (msg). the owner (jon said he's taiwanese) is a pretty attentive man dressed smartly in formal shirt. he'll be seen rounding the shop, hopping from table to table to see if theres anything the customers need or want. he also truthfully told us that their soup is unlike soup of other places, theirs only has "little msg". well, at least the man's being frank, eh?

more goodies good food coming soon ! stay tune !

restoran wan hou seafood steamboat
14, jalan ss14/2,
47500 subang jaya.
(opposite pedestrian bridge linking to ss15)

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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