Saturday, January 15, 2011

Coco Veranda, Colombo

32 Ward Place; Order & pay; Menu board; Cakes cabinet

I'm always on a lookout for places to chill, have my lunch, do a bit of web surfing and basically spend my weekend afternoons. I found Coco Veranda on the god's greatest gift to mankind: the internet and Godgle, oops I mean Google.

Virgin Chocolate Frappe- Rs. 340 + 80 for whipped cream; BFB Beef Burger- Rs. 700; Teriyaki Chicken Ciabatta- Rs. 420

Coco Veranda is said to be the local coffee place alternative to the likes of Coffeebean and Barista. Much to my dismay there is no Starbucks in Sri Lanka, not because I love the coffee so much but it gives me a comfort feeling that there are things that I can associate back home just like how spotting a McD is in a foreign land (yes I know Starbucks and McD are not Malaysian brands)

May I digress a little.

I have never loudly proclaim to be a fan of homegrown/ Made in Malaysia products but when you're away from the country, the slightest sight of a Malaysian brand or product or even spotting descriptions at the back of the cornflakes box in Bahasa Malaysia is enough to put a smile on my face (Knowing that hey I can read and understand the descriptions!)

At the 'veranda'; Virgin Vanilla Frappe- Rs. 340; Coco Veranda's version of the Starbucks lady; Peach Crush- Rs. 410

Back to Coco Veranda, it's located at Ward Place which I understand is an area to want to be seen and is mostly populated by expats and the rich... though so far I've never seen much foreigners in this area, but I have noticed that people who patrons Coco Veranda are usually the English speaking, young and modern Sri Lankans. It is a nice place to have a meet up with friends over a piece of cake and a cup of coffee.

Death by Chocolate- Rs. 390; Hazelnut Rocher- Rs. 380

The food is nothing spectacular to shout about, you get the usual sandwiches and burgers and a little selection of pasta while the beverages usually dominates the menu with an array of juices, frappe, ice blended, hot tea and coffee. I like the Virgin Chocolate Frappe but was disappointed with the Vanilla version and the Peach Crush was refreshing but really expensive! As for the cakes, though Death by Chocolate came highly recommended from the internet and Foursquare tips, I thought the Hazelnut Rocher was the better of the two as it feels like eating a melt down big piece of Ferrero Rocher. The burger and sandwich was ok.

I wouldn't mind returning again for a 3rd visit, especially when it has free wifi :-) 32 Ward Place also houses a few boutiques.

Coco Veranda

32 Ward Place,
Colombo 7,
Sri Lanka.

[Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. Please don't sue me, I don't have money. Kthxbye.]
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