Sunday, November 11, 2007


... continuation of makan journey.

cagayan's façade

lunch stop was at cagayan's. a humble little shop that serves filipino cuisines tucked in a corner within bandar utama centrepoint. its not really common to find filipino cuisines unlike thai and vietnamese cuisines which are sprouting everywhere. ask anyone, and i dont think many can name what filipino cuisines are like, their main ingredients or their special features.

i read that cagayan's pork ribs are really good, hence its a *MUST ORDER*. and so these are our selections to share...

golden mushroom bacon maki (6 pieces)- rm7.90
stir fried spears of golden mushroom wrapped in pork bacon

chop-chop -rm18.90
mix grill of pork chop, bacon chop, chicken chop with vege and fries

this regular piggy (classic sauce)- rm35.90
a regular size (6 slabs) portion for the not-so-hungry

pinakbet- rm7.90
sauteed pumpkin, long beans, bittergourd, okra with shrimp paste

black coffee- rm3.90

ice green tea bottomless- rm2.90

and the following is a review of what we ordered.

for starters, we had the golden mushroom bacon maki which comes in 6 pieces, just right for us. not too sure weather this is a filipino style cuisine or what as ive seen this dish almost everywhere- chinese, thai, japanese etc. but anyway, we liked it although i found it alil' oily and the mushrooms doesnt look that 'lively' and 'golden'. ehehehe... i reckon its relatively easy to make as well, bacons and mushrooms.

chop-chop, or mixed grill was overall good. it comes in big portions, just nice for sharing. kenneth commented that the meat itself wasnt that flavourful, perhaps not enough marination but the sauce was the saving grace *cue for imaginery angels to sing hallelujah* the mixed grill is served with sides of mashed potatoes and coleslaw.

next up, the reason for us to be there, the pork ribs. they have very kiut names for the porky items. the pork ribs comes in either 4 slabs, 6 slabs or 8 slabs and there are 3 sauces to choose from- classic, oriental, chilli hot sauce. we chose the 6 slabs with classic sauce. the sight of it makes me drool, ive always love the bbq'ed texture of food. the ribs were nice, juicy and tender. glad that it didnt disappoint. the meat was flavourful, definitely a *MUST ORDER*.

the last dish was a plate of greenies, just to balance up our porky diet. its called pinakbet, a potpourri of greenies... however, this dish got all the thumbs down. nobody liked it, nobody bothered about it either. i think most of us still prefer our tai chow greenies, full of wok hei. right, guys?

for drinks, we had ice lemon tea (rm3.90), ice green tea (bottomless), black coffee, and ice/warm water (50 cents). steam rice cost rm1 for a big serving.

total bill- rm104.62

cari makan, dengan kawan members

service is brisk and the person who served us was a friendly attentive guy. the place is quite clean but decorations are minimum, there wasnt really anything to tell us we're in a filipino eatery shop except that there are quite a few piggy decorations around which will certainly freak our muslim friends out :-p

the food are not too pricey, affordable, reasonable and justifies the servings. it was about rm17.50 per person for the food we had above inclusive of taxes, rice and drinks.

its not too hard to find cagayan's as its located at the ground floor. its situated next to starbucks and opposite is the baskin robins kiosk. i am not too sure weather centrepoint has basement parking, but it should not be a problem, also it only cost 50cents an hour.

p/s: one thing that ive learnt is the filipinos love pork like the chinese!

taste- 3.58
service- 4
price- 3.66
ambience- 2.88
location- 3.86

g107-108 centrepoint
bandar utama
47800 petaling jaya.
business hours: 11.30am-10.00pm
(strictly non-halal)

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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