Monday, June 29, 2009

Food Republic @ Vivo City

I thought I'd better write on my Singapore posts before it gets abit too backdated and obsolete hehe. I'm going to start on my part time professional studies soon, so my weekdays and weekends will be preoccupied, won't leave me much time to even go to the loo, what more blog??! Sighs.

Everyday is Chinese New Year here

Food Republic by far sets the standard for food court food and deco. Can't say much about the debut in Pavillion but in Singapore (I've been to both Vivo City & Atria's), FR really lives up to its standard. Even if you don't eat, it's nice to just linger around with such great ambience- you're automatically transported back to the olden days.

Ham Chim Peng

There were so many stalls to choose from, but we spotted the golden brown fried crullers and decided to settle on the traditional fried crullers and tau foo fah combination.

Dou Jiang You Tiao

There's a Chinese saying that goes by "Dou Jiang You Tiao" (a song by the same name by Taiwanese based Singaporean singer Lin Jun Jie) meaning "inseparable". What a meaningful breakfast eh?


A stone bowl of piping hot bimbimbab... very healthy choice indeed ;-)

Huat Huat BBQ Wings

Huat Huat BBQ Wings comes acalling. Had this during my visit to Singapore last year and it was great! Decided I should relive the good taste and memory......

BBQ Wings + Pie Tee

I ordered the Pie Tee (4 pieces @ $3.50) and BBQ Wings (3 pieces @ $3.90), both from Huat Huat BBQ Chicken stall. Finger lickin' goodness of a breakfast.

All recharged, we decided to go... SHOPPING!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Ice Cream Man

I was down in Singapore early of the month (yes, I do notice that it's end of the month already) and was harping on the MOS burger which unfortunately I didn't get to eat it :-( We were at Orchard Rd and it was then again I chanced upon the mobile Ice Cream Man. Actually there were few of 'em along the streets but I was too estatic when I saw the first one! I turned to my fellow colleagues and told them we must have this, shopping can wait, ice cream can't! I had this during my visit to Singapore last year and haven't been able to forget the taste since........

There's no rocket science involved to make this simple yet delicious and cheap streetside dessert!

A block of ice cream, any flavour of your choice- Chocolate, Raspberry Ripple, Durian, Mint Choc Chips, Pecan, Chocolate Chips, Cappucino Chips and Mango- wrapped with a slice of soft fluffy bread! The bread comes in really cheerful colours too, pandan green and rainbow combination :-)

p/s: Ice cream used is King's brand, no need for fancy schmanzy Haagen Daz or Baskin. Taste just as awesome!

$1 (± RM2.40) for such simple pleasures in life. Melts in your mouth, not in your hands :-)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

CTNF: Istak Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage

Istak Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage- Peach, Lemon, Malt

I find products like these a little bit ambiguous. It's kinda like saying vegetarian beef or chicken. It's beef, but it's made of flour, but hey it tastes like real beef! Uh huh....

Istak Peach

So when E returned from her exhibition (MIHAS-Malaysia International Halal Showcase) earlier this year with the usual loots (can you tell I love her job?? The looting part I mean hehe), one of the bags had bottles and cans of these "non-alcoholic malt beverage" which she said it's beer, but it's non-alcoholic, and it's halal! You bet my reaction was, "Uh huh........."

All flavours in just one can

I don't know about you but this non-alcoholic malt beverage sounds just as ambiguous to me... Everyone knows the equation of Malt = Beer, Malt is what makes Beer! But if vegetarian beef can taste and look like real beef but they're not beef, so can malt drinks right??

Istak Peach

I wasn't too excited with having the malt drink (I don't like beer), so I opted to give the peach and lemon a try instead. Well they taste somewhat like shandy, looks somewhat like shandy but I'm jolly well sure it doesn't have alcohol content like shandy! So now even our Muslim brethrens can enjoy non-alcoholic shandy like how our vegetarian friends are having flour-made beef and chicken!

Istak Non-Alcoholic Beverage Malt Beverage are not avalaible in the M'sian market yet but I suppose it has already been around in the Middle Eastern countries.

(and not get drunk)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Daddy's Day!

Silly things that my dad does

There's a Chinese saying that says there are 3 things in life that is destined-
1) The family you're born into;
2) The person you're going to marry; and
3) The day you die.

... or something to that effect.

For #1, there's no doubt it is pre-destined. Nobody can choose who or which family they want to born into, else the poor and less well to do will never have children.

I don't know about your daddies, but I know I have a GREAT one :-D I was sick yesterday and he took care of me, bringing me water and tucking me to bed. Ocassionally asking me if I'm feeling better (and asking if I had H1N1) and asking if I wanted food.

Making paper boats on a rainy day

I remember when we were younger, dad would also take great care of us when we fell sick... I remember him freezing towels and putting them on our forehead to absorb the heat. I remember how he used to throw in Tora and other junk food into the house and quickly drove away to let us know "Daddy is back!!!". I remember how he plays hide and seek with us when he's back from overseas and when we failed/can't be bothered to find him, he'll come out from his hiding sweating profusely and asked why we didn't look for him (actually we were busy ransacking his luggage). I remember his silly jokes and bedtime stories to put us to sleep (to E & Z: remember Mr Samy's long hands??? Hehehe). I remember him being very paranoid with us eating chillies and going to sleep late (the paranoid-ism still remains till today...). I remember how Z will cry when dad goes back to KL on Sunday night instead of the usual Mondays. Dad is the King of self-create acronyms too and they are all very lame ones!

And letting it go to sail away!

Dad taught us to be selfless and always be generous. He reminds us to be happy everyday. He taught us that learning is a never ending journey. He instills the 'family-first' value in us (To E & Z: You guys must say yes to whatever I ask ok?? I am your only youngest sister what...) and tells us that charity begins at home.

I'm going to just put it short and sweet to my daddy who I know is reading this.

My Daddy and Me :-)

Thanks for all that you've done for me. Love you Lim Baba!

Happy Daddy's Day to all Good Daddies in the world :-)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mother's Day Dinner

Mom's cuppacakes

Yes I realized this is quite a backdated post, considering that Father's Day is tomorrow next Sunday and I am only writing on Mother's Day :-) Hehe, forgive me but I have been terribly busy and lazy as well. Much has happened over the past month, give me some time and I hope I'll be able to write more often again. I know it sucks to see an update once in 7 days or more.

Mom's homemade longevity buns

It was also Grandma's birthday. Kinda lost count of her age, but she should be 80+ now. We had the celebration dinner at Gold Dragon City Restaurant at Taman Paramount. Don't think I will go further to elaborate on the food... set dinner package, can't expect much huh. So here are the pictures...

Obligatory sharks fin soup

Steamed fish with spicy gravy

Everybody loves ze suckling pig

Steamed chicken with oyster sauce

Fried shrimps with mayo and sesame

Not my favourite vegetarian dish

The unnecessary fried meehoon

The effortless mochi

The interesting but no thanks soy bean with sea coconut

I guess my captions are self-explanatory.

Happy Father's Day tomorrow next Sunday :-)

Gold Dragon City Seafood Restaurant
No 14-16, Jalan 20/16A Paramount Garden,
Petaling Jaya 46300,
Tel: 03-7876 8633

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Headin' down South!

After the last trip to Bangkok which was about 2 months ago, I'm going to take another day off on Monday as this weekend, the co's sports club is organizing a treasure hunt! The final destination will be in Johor Bahru where we'll be staying a night at the awesome dutyfree place @ The Zon Hotel :-D

My team mates and I are also heading down south to our tiny but prosperous neighbour country, Singapore, as it is the.... *GREAT SINGAPORE SALES*!!!!!!

Ok must eat this too.

AHHHHHHHH... Unagi Rice Burger @ MOS Burger!

Ok got less than 5 hrs to sleep. Till I get back....


Monday, June 1, 2009

CTNF: Apple Chips

Sometimes having a sister who works in a junk snack food company means there'll always be plenty of snacks lying around at home. While this might seem like a fantasy home to all the kids, sometimes snacking too much on potato chips can be quite unhealthy. Hehe the above picture was taken when Eiling and I were trying to do a parody for the Chipster contest more than a year ago! Click here for a recap :-)

Green Tree Apple Chips

One of my favourite things to do would be doing grocery shopping and just walking past aisle and aisle of food stuff. My favourite would be at the confectionery and snacks sections as I like to see and know what are the latest products in the market. While I was looking for snacks in Jusco (I know why would I wanna buy snacks when I have loads at home right???) I came across this Apple Chips in a small canister. I remember coming across with apple chips while having those healthy muesli cereals with dried fruits and I always curi-curi eat all the apple chips and leaving the cereals behind heehee.

Dried apple chips

The chips retail for about RM4 plus. Not cheap for such a small canister though, even Pringles would come across as cheap compared to this. Anyway, who says healthy food are cheap anyway??! Look at those organic foodstuff for a start! The canister opens to reveal a aluminium pack and I pour the contents out into the canister for easier consumption. I had a great time munching into these chips and watching my dvd while feeling guilt free. I read the contents on the can and it says no added sugar, no artificial coloring, no fat and the only ingredients used is Fuji apples. What's further surprising is that this healthy product is from China!

Hahaha, to be scared or not to be...... but seeing that it has been some while I consumed this and still living to tell the story, the chips are cleared for consumption!

I would recommend this for people who likes to munch on snacks yet want to avoid the unhealthy effects of it :-)
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