Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mango Tree @ Suvarnabhumi Airport

On our last day, we decided to be safe than sorry and took a taxi to the airport about 2 hours earlier. True enough we reached Suvarnabhumi Airport with about 2 hours to spare. The checking in was pretty breezy, and we were in the dutyfree shopping area in no time.

Fresh Orange Juice- 110 Bahts

Knowing how both of us are very much into dutyfree related shopping, we spent a good hour or so browsing through the DF goods- liquor, chocolates, perfumes, tobacco etc. Generally the DF goods in BKK Airport is higher than in KLIA, so we didn't buy any. We had wanted to grab dinner before flying back to Malaysia, our initial plan was to have McDonald's pork burger, but sadly we were told there is no McD in Suvarnabhumi Airport! I was obviously very disappointed as I had been looking forward for it :(

Ultimately, we had to settle for some food and since I had a balance of about 1000 Bahts, we decided to dine lavishly and so we chose Mango Tree.

Young Coconut- 110 Bahts

We had our drinks, Young Coconut for Eiling and Fresh Orange Juice for me :) Well, it was my last chance to have the awesome orange juice so I had to order it even though it is quite expensive now that I think about it :/

Khor Moo Yang- 190 Bahts

We were quite tempted by the pictures in the menu, one of the items that caught our eyes was Khor Moo Yang, which is actually Grilled Pork Neck. Honestly, the picture of the meat in the menu was much leaner but the real dish looks pretty fat. It was rather fat, and of course we didn't eat the fats! Quite a disappointment :(

Tom Yum Goong- 230 Bahts

We ordered a Tom Yum Goong to share and it was pretty good. Not too spicy, just nice...

Ayuthaya Beef Noodles- 190 Bahts

The Ayuthaya Beef Noodles was on promotion and is one of the cheapest mains on the menu. It has been quite some time since I last had beef noodles, so I thought it'll be fantastic to have it here just to see if there's any difference between the Thai version and the Malaysian version. Tastewise, the flavours and what's in the bowl of noodles is no difference than what we have back home. It is rather good and the kitchen was particularly generous with the beef parts (beef balls, tripes, tendon, beef slices) :)

Phad Thai Goong- 200 Bahts

Eiling had the Thai Char Kuey Teow or known as Phad Thai Goong. The flat rice noodle used here is thinner in width, somewhat like fettuccine. Eiling didn't give a good review on this though and didn't really finish it too. Therefore, I would like to praise myself for making a smart choice by ordering the beef noodles :p

Final meal in Bangkok

The whole meal cost us 1102.10 Bahts (about RM110) and I used up every penny of Baht I have left in my wallet for the meal. If not for the fried cricket bugger who conned me, I would have an extra 980 Bahts for another supper on Air Asia or something. Grrrrrr......

Mango Tree
@ Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Food Along Phetchaburi Road

The initial plan on the first day was to go Chatuchak --> drop our loot back at hotel --> take a taxi to Platinum Mall, and from there have our lunch and more shopping! But on our way to Platinum Mall, we passed by Phetchaburi Road and Eiling recalled her last excursion here, she had really good chicken rice and on impulse while the taxi was stopping for traffic lights, we just jumped out of the taxi.... for CHICKEN RICE!

This was the said good chicken rice stall. I know Bangkok is not famous for chicken rice but since we didn't want to waste time looking for food and based on recommendation, we decided to give it a shot. The shop seemed to be having brisk business and the striking pink uniforms of the waitresses was very noteworthy too. The Thais seem to have a strong liking for all things pink.

Nothing spectacular about the chilli sauce but it was surprisingly not too hot for consumption.

And this is the much raved chicken rice by Eiling. For a start, the soup tastes like pig stomach soup with the black pepper flavours and Greg gave his 2 thumbs up, he had 2 bowls and still wanted more. The rice itself should be taken with some dark soy sauce and I must say it's quite yummy. The chicken is quite good, and it was boneless too. If you notice, Thai Chicken Rice doesn't have gravy or soy sauce. You may think it would be dry but surprisingly it's not. There were also 2 blocks of pig's blood served which we didn't even touch it. Yucks, I'll rather eat fried crickets anytime.

The whole meal is not really cheap though, about 400 Bahts.

Along the same street, there was a shop selling pork satay and other various light snacks and drinks and we decided to pop in for some satay babi feast.

If this sight does not tempt you enough, I don't know what will....

If you really think about it, it's not cheap ok... about 50cents per stick. I think average in Malaysia is about 30-40 cents? Then again, this is probably the 'con-the-tourists' price.

We had 2 servings of 12 sticks. This one is just average, the satay babi at Chatuchak still rocks and cheaper by half too.

Eiling had the ais kacang lookalike which tasted quite bleh though the ice shavings was quite a comfort to the heat.

And me? The awesome orange juice of course!

The whole bill came to about 160 Bahts. With our filled stomachs, it was time to hit the mall to burn off some Bahts on shopping and some calories too!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Shopping at Platinum Fashion Mall

Since Chatuchak Market didn't quite satisfy the shopaholics in us, we headed out to Platinum Mall in the afternoon after dropping our loot back at the hotel. I think we all made a very good traveling team of buddies as all of us love shopping! According to Eiling, her sources told her that Chatuchak Market got their goods from Platinum Mall. Well I guess it's not surprising since Chatuchak banks on tourists business so even if the goods are abit pricey some of them won't mind paying for it.

But not us!

Platinum Mall is really one VERY LARGE mall with about 5 floors, each packed with stalls. There's a segregation of specialities on each floor- accessories, bags, clothes, shoes etc. It is every girl and woman's fantasy land here. The walkways are long and there is just so much to see and buy!

Bags galore in every imaginable shape and size, color and shade.

This is one of my favourite shops selling funny and colorful Tee-Shirts. Would be very awesome to have all these colors in my wardrobe. Wake up, open wardrobe and feel so happy!

Do you want a W.I.F.E.?

Oi! No photos please!

The t-shirts are mostly picking fun at drunkards or aspiring alcohol lovers. Eiling and I bought the same t-shirt in different colors that says, "Drink Triple, See Double, Act Single".


No beer? No problem! Have Beer Goggles will get drunk!

I know I look damn nerd! But there's this shop which sells costumes and these funky glasses it's so cute!

Here are some pretty funky necklaces we bought and is available at Lings & Blings.


Umbrella Ella Ella Eh Eh Eh

Rock DJ!

Cycle into my heart

Hang that RayBan!

The tip to getting the maximum out of the minimum money you have is to slash the prices by at least 50% on the first bargain! Sadly, the art of haggling is not easy...... just remember to slash as much as possible!

Platinum Fashion Mall
542/21-22, Petchaburi Road,
Ratchathewi, Bangkok.
Directions: Exit BTS Chit Lom, walk straight to Zen. Go down to Level 1, walk straight along the building. Turn left at the junction and you'll see Platinum Mall.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Himawari Japanese Restaurant

This takes us a few weeks back, I'll continue with the Bangkok posts after this. So a few weeks ago, one of those TGIF nights, my colleagues and I decided to grab dinner and some drinks to celebrate the end of another week. They mentioned something about going to "Japan Club" and I thought it was those clubbing joints with loadsa Japanese? Like Thai Club or something... that was until I found out it's a place in KL where all the Japs in Msia gather for activities.

Japan Club is located in Taman Seputeh, next to the Federal Highway and nearby Mid Valley. The premise houses all things Japanese, from salons to Japanese language classes, a Japanese restaurant and martial arts class. You need to be a Japanese to be granted admission in the premise though one can also apply for a supplementary membership if there's an endorsement from a member.

Our friend, Kon Soon is half Chinese- half Jap, he's a member of the club.

We started off with a complimentary appetizer which includes some pickles, lotus and braised radish.

Poteto Salada- RM7

I have always been a fan of all things potato so this poteto salada (potato salad) is quite a hit with me :)

Katsu Curry- RM18

Ronald had his favourite Katsu Curry and he was all thumbs up for it. Japanese curry has never been my regular Japanese dish, but I might give it a try next time...

Shake Don SP- RM29

Chirashi Sushi- RM30

We had 2 sets of sashimies to share and they were expectedly good. Fresh thick colorful cuts. The chawanmushi that came with the sets were also amazingly yummy.

Futo Maki Special- RM30

The Futo Maki Special was generous in size and has an assorted of raw fish in it- somewhat like having the Chirashi Sushi set in a maki. Everyone gave their thumbs up for this.

It was definitely a wholesome Japanese dinner and a great way to end the working week.

Say hi guys! You've made it to Live to Eat or Eat to Live!


Himawari Japanese Restaurant
No.2, Jalan 1/86, Off Jalan Taman Seputeh,
58000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-22742791
Business hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 6-10pm (Monday-Friday)
11.30am-10pm (Saturday-Sunday)

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Most Expensive Fried Crickets- RM100!!

Remember this bugger's face

Eating fried bugs was one of the item in my list of things to do in Bangkok. It's considered the Thai snack, much like the balut for Phillipinos (this I wouldn't eat). While I hate and fear bugs in general, eating them feels kinda exciting. Hehe I know, sucha sadist right.

I ultimately chose the fried crickets because it looked less disgusting. The crabby thingy is just too common, eating that won't bring any weight to boasting "I HAVE EATEN FRIED BUGS IN BANGKOK!!" to other people hehe. Maggots are just ewww. And those fried mini frogs are just plain plain disgusting yucks! Then there's roaches.... urrgh think I'll pass thank you!

The guy told me it's 20 Bahts or about RM2. Quite a cheap deal I thought, passing him a 1000 Bahts note as I do not have any change and thought I'll just break it for a change. Stupid Bugger (well, he sells bugs after all doesn't he) disappeared for awhile, I thought he went to get change. And while waiting, we all got too excited with the bugs. Us girls at least cos the boys were so chicken they pulled all sorts of disgusted faces while the girls were chomping down the fried crickets.

It really isn't that bad actually. Taste something like soft shell crab but with rather thorny legs which could get stuck between your teeth and/or cause some sting while you're chewing them. The crickets were seasoned with some salt and pepper so there's actually flavour :)

We proceeded to take loads of photos showing us eating the bugs as proof of purchase fear factor act we've accomplished in Bangkok.... until I forgot that I've still not gotten my change!! And then we walked off and went into the bars lalalalalalala until Eiling asked me how much bugs Bahts I have left and I was searching frantically for my Bahts but I only found bugs.

Look at his stupid face!!

We immediately dashed out to find the stall and demanded for money back. That son of a bugger argued that I only paid him 100 Bahts and not 1000 Bahts. WHAT THE F...BUG!!! We tried to reiterate that I paid him 1000 Bahts and he was clearly all out to con this poor Malaysian tourist who was so excited with her fried crickets :(

980 Bahts!! I could have bought so much more things with that $$. I'd rather buy 20 bottles of orange juice and drink until drunk also I don't want him to get my money. Grrrrrrrrr.......

Moral of the story is, always bring small change when dealing with these streetside stalls. And don't get too excited over some fried bugs.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bangkok Red Light District

You know whenever people mention Bangkok, the first thing that usually comes into mind for guys and girls is different?

"Bangkok" in a girl's mind- SHOPPINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!
"Bangkok" in a guy's mind- GO GO BARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (AH GUAS!!!!!!!!!!!! :p)

And they don't call it a Red Light District ("RLD") for nothing- look at the red neon lights decorating the street!! Anyway I'm not too sure if there is only one RLD in Bangkok but we were brought to Soi Cowboy nearby our hotel at the Sukhumvit area for a little fun.

Where there was a passing Thai Elephant. Of cos must take picture right, hmmm I actually can't be sure if I have seen an elephant live in front of me! Sighs, because always only see from internet mah.

Your place, My place or Our place?

Long gun waiting to meet his Lucky Star

Feels like you're in Las Vegas casino or something right

There are probably more than 100 girls dancing on bar tops ala Cayote Ugly at all times in all clubs at night but the problem is choosing which joint to go to. How do you decide? We naturally left it to the boys to make the decision. Good thing about the Go Go Bars here is that you can just hop in and hop out to have a look at what's inside before settling on which one you want to stay on for a drink.

Doesn't she looks like a he? I hope her name's not Suzie Wong :p

Perhaps these 'ladies' with cardboards can attract you into their bars :) I still find the words on the cardboards really funny... I mean why would people want to admit they have ugly and fat ones??

After we went to the first club, had a beer and nearly wanted to come out puking- not from the alcohol but the girls! They should change their cardboards to Definitely 50 Ugly Ones and No Gorgeous Ones! Got fat ones, got ugly ones, got girls with stretch marks, got aunties, got really nerd ones who looks like your teacher... aiyoyo. And all these girls are dancing right on top our table for the hamsap guys to peek under their skirts! They were not wearing any panties of course but actually not that easy to peek anything also lah! And there was no action at all!!!!

Potong stim.

For the first time ever, we girls found the football screening more interesting.

We hopped over the opposite bar and was a little relieved and delighted to see more action this time. About a handful of girls went up the centre bar top and started dancing and stripping until they were fully naked... Then another batch of girls appear when the song changes... and so on. If you ask me, seeing one girl stripping naked may be fun and stimulating, but after seeing like 20 girls do it song after song, the routine gets pretty bleh. At some points, you may start to wonder why are the songs so freaking long??!!! Faster can or not!!! The only consolation is some pole dancing but it's all very amateurish.

80% of the customers there are Ang Mohs and we even managed to see some who are so touchy, I don't know if they realize whether they're touching a guy in a girl's body :p
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