Sunday, December 2, 2007

uncle cheng special beef noodle

meant to update this early in the morning but was out from morning till midnight. teehee :D
went to live & loud kl for the world music, culture and heritage concert and it was awesome! the performances i mean except the final parts where akedemi fantasia peeps (read: mawisux) came on the stage and we just left. sorry we were there for WORLD music, not akademi fantasia (esp. mawi grrr).

anyway!! located in the vicinity of seksyen 17 (again) is a coffeeshop by the name of khasiat cafeteria. and in this particular coffeeshop, there is a famous beef noodles stall and it is run by mr julian cheng- hence the name uncle cheng special beef noodles (uncle cheng refers to mr julian's father). blogged by many floggers, i decided to bring khian here for our breakfast meet up last wednesday.

beforehand, i read from kampungboycitygal that this is a must try item- beef tenderloin soup. now, julian cheng is not your typical noodle seller. this man speaks english and is a former chef in shangri-la hotel, production manager of gloria jean's cafe and chef (??) of swensen's before starting up his own business by selling beef noodles. it does seems a little weird but as they say, there's a tale to tell behind every action!

beef tenderloin soup- rm8
the best part of the cow is all here! damn its good (except the parsley, yuck!)

special beef noodles- rm8

the beef noodles are ONLY served with lai fun and no other noodles. according to julian, who sat down and explained each and every ingredient in the noodles to us... his beef noodles are very special and ONLY he has the recipe as it is a mixture of east and west style.

i dont have any complains as looking at the pictures make me wanna drool for the beef noodles NOW. it was really good, something different from the usual beef noodles. im not a very big fan, neither do i eat it very often but i find uncle cheng beef noodles is really something i would crave for.

ive been craving for beef, beef and beef of late... i love beeeeeeeeeef :-)

julian cheng is blogger-friendly too

julian told us he'll be moving out from the coffeeshop soon and open his own shop selling beef noodles and alot more goodie good food. not too sure when and where though... call to ask k!

highly recommended place guys, in fact i hope to be getting my second fix soon (before he moves out)!!

uncle cheng special beef noodle
@ restoran khasiat cafeteria
jalan seksyen 17/12,
petaling jaya.
(shops at the residential area right beside happy mansion apts)

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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