Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pun Chun Duck Noodles @ Kota Kemuning

Pun Chun Noodle House

It's funny how I live in Kota Kemuning, yet not knowing this hidden gem in the neighborhood until I read about it at somewhere else!

OK, so maybe I don't really venture WITHIN the neighborhood itself (except for a few regular shops for convenience) but knowing from past experiences, the eatery shops that opened up in Kota Kemuning either lacked in the taste department or they just disappear from the scene a couple months later (ie. gulung tikar, zhap lup, bankrupt).

Iced barley- RM1.30

'Cham' (Mixed)- RM1.20

It's abit surprising that recently there have been a couple of 'famous' eateries opening up in Kota Kemuning itself- perhaps the crowd is getting better? Secret Recipe is here for a while now, Dominoes Pizza just opened a couple months back, Pizza Vs Satay has landed, and joining these few more famous ones is Delifrance- saw the buntings hanging around the township. But I supposed the most McFamous and McProfitable eatery joint within the neighbourhood is still McDonald's!

Pun Chun is a familiar name and especially needs no further introduction for those who frequents Bidor. Even still, many KL-ites know of Pun Chun as well- such a shame for me! It's still puzzles me why of all places in KL that PC decided to open a branch in Kota Kemuning? Perhaps rental is cheap... but that did not translate to cheap food.

Duck drumstick mee soup- RM6.80

Duck drumstick mee dry- RM6.80

We had the famous duck drumstick noodles, one dry and one soup- just to have a taste of both worlds. It took awhile for food to arrive as the corner shop was packed to the brim- a testimonial for good food or famous-ness :D The dry version came with a metal bowl of herbal soup and a duck drumstick- flavourful and just comforting. I suppose what makes this bowl of noodles special is the tenderness of the duck drumstick, the herb infused soup and did I tell you I LOVE herbal flavoured food (ie. herbal chicken, herbal soup, bak kut teh... erm ok that's bout it).

Prawn Wan Ton (7 pcs)- RM5.30

We also had a side order of prawn wan ton which came in 7 pcs. It came in reasonable sizes and was definitely a great addition to the whole meal.

Pun Chun chicken biscuits- RM3

While I was at the counter for payment, I noticed chicken biscuits and immediately grabbed a pack! I love the crunchy crispy chicken biscuit! It came in 12 pieces and I polished it off (don't know why my sisters don't like it??? it's so yummy!!)- more for me then :D

I heard that Pun Chun is also famous for it's wu kok (yam puff) but unfortunately it's not available at the Kota Kemuning branch.

I see some hope in the Kota Kemuning eating scene now :)

Pun Chun Noodle House
10, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla AC 31/AC,
Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam,

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]
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