Tuesday, November 27, 2007

klang tasusia bak kut teh

not knowing where to have lunch again yesterday noon... jon, eiling and i (gosh why am i being sucha lamp post/parasite lately??) decided to just eat around the neighborhood since roadblocks were still on in kl. and so it was bak kut teh at this place- klang tasusia bak kut teh. the word 'tasusia' is actually the mandarin pronounciation for "dai shu ha"- under the big tree.

this is not our first visit but due to its distance from home (bout 5 mins) its always the place we go if we were to have bkt. food is not that excellent, more of like somewhere you'll go just to EAT TO LIVE.

*bestest bkt ive had so far is this little road side shack at pandamaran klang which sells out by 7pm.

fried crullers (yau char kuai)

a BIG disappointment as it came all soggy and unfresh. sighs !!

*bestest yau char kuai is the stall opposite inti at asia cafe. so damn freaking bloody good. read my sister's take on this humble little stall here.

bkt with 'small bones' and extra intestines

not much expectations on the bkt based on previous visits. but i think it has improved alittle... at least the soup looks less diluted and has stronger brown herbalish color though i still couldnt taste much herbal in it.

small yau mak with garlic oil- rm6

probably the easiest way to make money. steam some inexpensive vege and pour garlic oil over it. 6 bucks in your cashtill *ka-ching!* as easy as abcxyz.

plain white rice- 80 cents each
(no good for diabetic people)

i would prefer the type of rice with traces of garlic for my bkt. the pandamaran bkt stall serves exactly that kinda rice which is ohsogood. i dont really like the malaccan yam rice though- i find it too heavy for bkt.

cha wong- rm2.50

total bill- rm41.90

looks like we dont have much good eatery places in kota kemuning worth reviewing. why oh why...


MUST WATCH! freaking funny parody to 'hey there delilah' !! LAUGHOUTLOUD exclamation exclamation exclamation one one one fullstop


klang tasusia bak kut teh
44, jalan anggerik vanilla m31/m,
kota kemuning,
40460, shah alam.

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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