Thursday, January 1, 2009

Senjyu Sushi @ Cineleisure Damansara

Senjyu Sushi

Last day of the year. How do one spend it without any regrets?

Stuffing oneself crazy with Japanese food with a loved one who also enjoys stuffing himself crazy with Japanese food.

Ahhh, perfect.

Couldn't quite decide what to eat as every single eatery outlet in The Curve was packed to the brim. We had wanted to try out Bondi Beach Grill but it was fully pre-booked. Then we walked around and around and still couldn't decide as I wanted something light. We got a table at Empress Cafe but decided to walk out cos the menu wasn't too tempting and impressive to say the least. There was loadsa spaces at Hometown Kopitiam but I don't think I want to have my last meal of the year eating toast bread and white coffee?

I know, so fussy right. But hey, it's the last few hours of the year and the last meal of the year of cos we would want it to end with a bang, aye!

In the end, we decided to go for Tony Roma's but it was a 35mins wait. I'm glad they made us wait, if not we wouldn't have found Senjyu Sushi and decided to give Tony Roma a skip!

12cm long sushi

Service was brisk, we were ushered to our seats immediately. Senjyu Sushi is a newcomer in this industry, branding and pricing itself a class above the likes of other mass sushi chains like Sakae Sushi (they are however from the same management company), Sushi King and Sushi Zanmai. The exterior and interior is very classy with the signature wall decorated with perfectly lined green beer bottles and black fixtures & fittings.

Baby Abalone Salad- RM16.90

The menu offers a variety of Japanese food which I can safely say "different" from other Japanese joints. Of course, you can't compare Senjyu with the likes of stand alone fine dining Japanese restaurants as it is after all targetted at the medium class market who wants something better than the overrated/commercialized Sushi King. If not, where else can you find Baby Abalone Salad in the menu?

Tiny baby abalone

Now, I don't usually order salad as I am really not a big fan of raw cold vege but the word Abalone totally caught my attention! At RM16.90, the salad has a grand total of 5 baby abalones! It is nice to have some greens and cherry tomatoes (and baby abalones) to start off the meal though I feel the salad sauce is a little bit too sourish for my liking.

Foie Gras & Oyster Mentai Maki- RM24.90

Next, we had the MUST HAVE Foie Gras & Oyster Mentai Maki which I had first spotted here and here. As we both love having oysters and foie gras being one delicacy that I have never tried before, this plate of goodies totally sent us to seventh heaven! Armed with a DSLR each (his being a Nikon D300 and mine a Sony Alpha 300- hey they're both 300!) we both took our sweet time to catch the perfect picture that best depicts the taste and presentation. Therefore, it is my pleasure to put all these 4 photos which I think best describes the maki.

Have your foie gras and eat it too!

I have heard praises of this awesome thing called Foie Gras, in fact my own sister has been having so much of it that it leaves me in a pool of jealousy to just hear stories of the goose liver that melts in your mouth. Well, I suppose sometimes same family name doesn't quite put you in the same game. Anyway, about this awesome thing called Foie Gras... well it is so awesome, it is what people keep saying, "Melts in your mouth..." The chefs were quite generous with the size of the oyster and the maki itself was pretty good as it was tempura'ed. I'd say the whole dish is 2 thumbs and 2 toes up!

Senjyu Wagyu Maki- RM39.90

We couldn't resist these Wagyu maki after we saw the kitchen dishing out a plate of these. Initially we thought the wagyu would be raw and we weren't that adventurous for it but after seeing that it is slightly cooked (maybe shabu'ed for a sec)... this plate of pink goodies ended up on our table. No regrets definitely and boy are we glad that we both love beef! Topped with a thin slice of lightly cooked wagyu, the maki is rolled with sauteed onions, asparagus and golden mushroom.

Salmon Ikura Maki- RM8

While loving all things beef, we also love all things salmon especially sashimi. Although I think he might have a higher tolerance for raw cuts than I do. This plate of salmon sashimi slices with ikura was taken off the conveyor belt. It did not disappoint as how we would think conveyor belt sushis = no good.

Shochu Tiramisu- RM9.90

I had wanted to get some tapas from the Sakae Izakaya menu which has Japanese tapas, desserts and drinks but was told that the tapas were not available. As how many people would want the year to end on a sweet note, we had ours in the form of a dessert- Shochu Tiramisu. The tiramisu has hints of liquor in it (good) but I wished they were abit more generous with the raisins. Overall, the dessert was equally good.


We stayed around The Curve area, weaved through the massive crowd and avoiding foam sprays to take a few snaps of the atmosphere. The crowd was huge and the fireworks were fantastic but like all major street celebrations, the aftermath was horrible- rubbish, rubbish and rubbish! The jam was crazy, it took us 2 hours to get out of the basement parking to get to the LDP which will normally take less than 10 minutes.

Anyway, still being quite a noob with this thing called human photography, my pictures did not turn out too good- many being blur or simply boring. Below is my best picture of the night's event and countdown.

Blowing fire

Welcome to 2009, folks! Happy New Year, have a cocktail on me! Cheers!

p/s: More pictures at my foodtography gallery.

Senjyu Sushi
Lot G2&G3, Ground Floor,
Cineleisure Damansara.
F1.05, Sunway Pyramid.

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]
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