Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Daddy's Day!

Silly things that my dad does

There's a Chinese saying that says there are 3 things in life that is destined-
1) The family you're born into;
2) The person you're going to marry; and
3) The day you die.

... or something to that effect.

For #1, there's no doubt it is pre-destined. Nobody can choose who or which family they want to born into, else the poor and less well to do will never have children.

I don't know about your daddies, but I know I have a GREAT one :-D I was sick yesterday and he took care of me, bringing me water and tucking me to bed. Ocassionally asking me if I'm feeling better (and asking if I had H1N1) and asking if I wanted food.

Making paper boats on a rainy day

I remember when we were younger, dad would also take great care of us when we fell sick... I remember him freezing towels and putting them on our forehead to absorb the heat. I remember how he used to throw in Tora and other junk food into the house and quickly drove away to let us know "Daddy is back!!!". I remember how he plays hide and seek with us when he's back from overseas and when we failed/can't be bothered to find him, he'll come out from his hiding sweating profusely and asked why we didn't look for him (actually we were busy ransacking his luggage). I remember his silly jokes and bedtime stories to put us to sleep (to E & Z: remember Mr Samy's long hands??? Hehehe). I remember him being very paranoid with us eating chillies and going to sleep late (the paranoid-ism still remains till today...). I remember how Z will cry when dad goes back to KL on Sunday night instead of the usual Mondays. Dad is the King of self-create acronyms too and they are all very lame ones!

And letting it go to sail away!

Dad taught us to be selfless and always be generous. He reminds us to be happy everyday. He taught us that learning is a never ending journey. He instills the 'family-first' value in us (To E & Z: You guys must say yes to whatever I ask ok?? I am your only youngest sister what...) and tells us that charity begins at home.

I'm going to just put it short and sweet to my daddy who I know is reading this.

My Daddy and Me :-)

Thanks for all that you've done for me. Love you Lim Baba!

Happy Daddy's Day to all Good Daddies in the world :-)
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