Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ichiro Sushi Bar @ 1 Utama

Salmon sashimi and tobiko with rice
Heaven in a Japanese bowl : Salmon sashimi with ebiko on rice - RM30

How I took so long to discover Ichiro is beyond me. Eating at an authentic sushi bar in Japan has always and still is in my bucket list. Not the kaiten style (conveyor belt), but those little sushi bars that seats less than 10 pax at the chef's counter and all you eat is just sushi and sashimi (watch Jiro's Dreams of Sushi).

Ichiro is in some ways resembles the little sushi bars that I had imagined. This little sushi corner seats no more than 20 pax, with maybe about 6 seats at the chef's counter. The menu is displayed via an iPad and ordering is also through the tablet.

Assorted sashimi

Assorted sashimi for 2 - RM60

Assorted sashimi
Heaven on a plate of ice

For our maiden visit, we tried the salmon sashimi with ebiko on rice and an assorted sashimi for 2. One can really see and taste the chef's knife skills especially the thinly sliced transluscent salmon sashimies. The cuts are nicely done for the sashimi platter as well. There is only one word to describe... FRESH. So fresh, you can almost taste it dancing in your mouth! I skimmed through all the tips posted on foursquare about Ichiro, the same adjective is used too. I read blogs for Ichiro's review, and again the same is mentioned over and over again.

Prices may be steep (after all, you'll expect the same for quality Japanese food), but it's really worth the splurge and we are considering to return for just the sushies... (roughly calculated, per piece is at an average RM5-6, it'll approximately cost RM120+ to try all the sushies available).

Ichiro Sushi Bar
Eat Paradise
2nd floor Isetan,
1 Utama Shopping Center (old wing),
Petaling Jaya.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ante Kitchen & Bar @ Publika

Ante - like a Sir!
Dine like a sir

I had the opportunity to dine at Ante, courtesy of my sis who decided to buy me dinner for my birthday last month. Ante is run by a few 20-somethings young men who are good friends and decided to start something together (makes things easier when at least one's a chef) and two of them are coincidentally my sis's friends. I wish I have friends who want to start a Bed & Breakfast with me, until then it becomes a lifelong dream :(

Who and what inspires the name? I managed to have a quick chat with one of the partners, and questioned him the same. He told me that ANTE refers to 'a poker stake usually put up before the deal to build the pot'. I hope you'll be able to figure out by now what Ante means to these young 20-somethings, cos I think it's a great and meaningful name.

Chunky mushroom soup
Chunky mushroom soup - RM12

Caramelized garlic olio
Caramelized garlic olio (there's bacon in it too!) - RM23

Chargrilled pork steak
Char-grilled pork steak - RM40+

For those who's never dined with me, my first choice of soup will always be the mushroom soup if it's on the menu. My first impression towards any eateries will be the first spoonful of mushroom soup that I taste. It's not easy to make a good bowl of mushroom soup that isn't too creamy and bursting with shroom flavours. In essence, a good bowl of mushroom soup can warm the cockles of my heart. Ante's version though not the best (since I found the best at Milk and Butter), it passes the acid test.

The mains that we had was a garlic olio, though I think they should rename it with the word 'bacon' in it to attract orders. Nicely done and portion is just right too. I had the honor to order one of the most expensive dish within the mains. There was an option to choose the type of pork slab... and I was given the green light to pig out (expensively), so bring on the expensive pork! Served with a side of baked apple, mash and greens with glorious berry cream sauce. The pork steak was 1/4 fat, 3/4 meat. and honestly a heavy porky dish for me to handle - hence, I'll recommend sharing this. I like the baked apple though!

Be sure to check out Ante when you're in Publika - maybe spotting a mustache like a sirrrr could score you a free beer! (heh)

Ante Kitchen & Bar
Publika, Solaris Dutamas,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-62063364

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

S.Wine @ B.I.G. Independent Food Store, Publika

Parma ham, arugula and peach salad
Parma ham, arugula and peach salad - RM19.90

The BIG Group needs no further introduction to the F&B scene in Kuala Lumpur. In the recent couple of years, the BIG Group has launched and opened so many new eateries - some repeated but located in different venues (i.e. Plan B, Ben's General Foodstore, T-Forty Two), but many concepts still remain independent (The Estates, Hit & Mrs, S.Wine, Botanical, Canoodling, Barn BBQ, Ricetaurant, B'wiched), you can almost be assured they have no plans of stopping! Every new eatery that pops out is sure to be checked if it's by The BIG Group - but if you notice, most BIG outlets have some sort of similarities, the deco props and the type of chairs (prove me wrong, or right?). Sans the fixtures, some of the items in the menu are similar too -- compare Ben's to Ben's General Foodstore and Plan B (maybe the coffee too).

Whatever the similarities or differences, one thing's for sure... there's a Ben-outlet in every corner of the town.

BBQ chorizo cheeseburger with bacon
BBQ chorizo cheeseburger with bacon - RM24.90

The people behind The BIG Group are in fact genius - setup your own high end supermarket and bring in all your F&B outlets within the supermarket. That way, you don't have to pay rental twice, economies of scale in getting ingredients but at the same time the brand presence is loud and clear.

S.Wine was introduced when B.I.G. opened doors as (in my opinion) part of leveraging on the supermarket's purchasing power in getting the freshest and bestest quality of ingredients as the deli was already importing poultry (midstream?), why not have the downstream covered too? The menu is strictly focused on (duh!) swine so ditch that diet away when you're here.

Momofuku-inspired pork buns
Momofuku-inspired pork buns - RM16.90

As always, we'll pick an entree to share, either a soup or a salad. The parma ham caught our eye, and Parma ham, arugula and peach salad it was. The salad as I remember, was okay - the price tag has to justify the fancy ingredients anyway. The BBQ chorizo cheeseburger with bacon was nothing less than amazing. This is one burger that you'll be thankful you're not a vegan. The Momofuku-inspired pork buns was comfort food. (A little foodnote: Google-search tells me that Momofuku is the famous restaurant in New York City that first 'created' this dish). As Chinese, we grew up with eating Tung Po pork and steamed mantou, so this should be nothing foreign to us. Although it's delicious, it's a bit pricey for just 2 pieces of these pork sandwich.

Assam boi
Assam refresher - RM9.90
Assam boi, lime, cucumber and soda

If you have additional RM10 to spare, give this assam refresher a shot (the assam is frozen within the ice!)... do I think it's worth RM10? No. Will I pay for creativity? Maybe.... sometimes yes.

Latte & Piccolo
Latte and Piccolo at Plan B

After a heavy lunch at S.Wine, some grocery shopping at B.I.G., what better way to cap it all up with a cuppa at Plan B. Don't you see the it's ingenious?

Ben's Independent Grocer,
Publika, Solaris Dutamas,
Kuala Lumpur.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Yeast Bistronomy @ Jln Telawi, Bangsar

Yeast Bistronomy 
Yeast - Bangsar's answer to authentic French bistro food

If there is one thing the Telawi Street shopowners are doing right, it is renting out their properties to new quality restaurant / cafe owners. In the past few months, we've seen quite a few shops close down and new eateries quickly opening up to fill the gaps (Milk and Butter, Coffea Coffee, Yeast, Bait). The recipe to survival in this competitive and realistic food business is good food (not necessarily mind blowing), good ambiance (patrons want a comfortable place to hang out, sip on coffee, have a smoke, catch up with friends, etc), and good service. I'm leaving out the pricetag - as it proves to be inelastic to the society in Bangsar (those who either stays here or generally loves hanging out in the area).

Yeast has been garnering attention from the online and offline world, perhaps because it is a true-blue Parisian themed and inspired bistro, whipping up authentic but affordable French bistro food and run by a couple of whom the husband is a French, and from what we saw, the kitchen is helmed by a gusto French lady chef and the masterpieces from the boulangerie are from the artisan baker who is also imported in from France.

Frisee aux Lardons
Frisée aux Lardons - RM22
Frisée salad, smoked duck, poached eggs

The premise was packed to brim - an indication that food must be good? We had to wait for a good 15 minutes before some tables start vacating, but we chose to sit at the bar instead - which is not a norm for us, but there is always a time and place to defy the norm and you may be pleasantly surprised by the experience.

We saw how poached eggs were made, or how many slices of smoked salmon goes on the toasted brioche for the eggs benedict dish, or how the cheese was melted on the croque madame, or.... the list goes on.

Compared to its neighbor (perhaps an arch rival now?) - Antipodean, Yeast's brunch menu is more focused to offer what a typical bistro in Paris would offer -- simple no-frills, could be prepared easily, and fast. Therefore, what you see in the brunch menu typically revolves around comfort-food ingredients such as egg, cheese, tomato, smoked salmon or turkey ham, and typical French pastries such as brioche and croissant.

Ouef Poche 'Benedictins'
Oeuf Poche 'Benedictins' - RM18
2 soft poached eggs on brioche toast with smoked salmon or smoked turkey, bearnaise sauce and greens

We ordered a frisée salad to share. 'Frisée' is a type of vege known as French curly endive, while 'Lardons' are small strips or cubes of bacon or lard, but Yeast's version uses smoked duck. If you deconstruct the whole dish, you'll find that this is a very simple salad, but the hefty pricetag may be due to the ingredients. 

The eggs menu is available daily until 3pm. So be sure to catch the brunch menu if you're in the mood for the crowd's favourite 'Eggs Benedict' (there seems to be a sure-order on every table, including ours!). Everyone has opinions on how a perfect Eggs Benedict should be, for me - if it's on a toasted brioche, this gets a spot on the podium. Toasted brioche with generous portion of smoked salmon, perfectly poached eggs and not too overwhelming hollandaise sauce? (Yeast replaces the traditional with bearnaise) - we've got a champion!

Croque Madame
Croque Madame - RM25
Grilled turkey ham and cheese topped with a sunny side up egg
The other crowd favourite seems to be the Croque Madame, though we find it steeply priced especially the next item after the Madame in the menu is Monsieur (sans the sunny side up egg) is priced RM4 lower. One tip for this one, if you're not a huge fan of cheese, the Croque Madame can fill you up very easily as the cheese (suspect it's Gruyère) is quite powering. In my opinion, best to enjoy it shared half. Fortunately, we love cheese, it was on toasted brioche, and we shared it!

Yeast Bistronomy
The perks of bar counter seats - you get to see everything in action in the kitchen!; Latte - RM9

On the other side of the bistro, is where the artworks of the artisan baker are proudly displayed and offer for sample & sale. Yeast believes in baking the freshest and serving its customers the freshest too, so from 5 - 7pm, the pastries and bread are sold at 30% off.

We'd love to return to Yeast to sample their dinner fare and see if it could be an affordable option against the higher end Café Café

Yeast Bistronomy
24G, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar, 59100,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-22820118

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wondermama @ Bangsar Village

Dancing Squid
Dancing squid - RM15.90

Wondermama is not new and has been blogged, raved and reviewed by many so I will not go into details of the interior / concept / origins etc (plus, this is already 5 months backdated visit). I too, like many, absolutely loves the concept and interior deco. Anything ol' skool and vintage seems to catch my attention and the same too seems to catch on with the society these days. Perhaps there is no smoke without fire to the catchphrase 'Old is Gold'.

Nasi Lemak 2.0 with soft shell crab
Nasi Lemak 2.0 - RM16.90

Since old is the new 'new', WM takes on the classic Malaysian favorites but improvises with a twist / tweak of the original recipe. Such creativity from the kitchen can be seen from the menu offering of Nasi Lemak 2.0, Otak-otak sandwiches, Pizzas on naans, or WM's version of Maggi Goreng or Soup.

We sampled the Dancing Squid for appetizers as it looks awesomely delicious on pictures. The pictures did not deceive, I love the warm broth that brought hints of celery and fish roe with the fishy squid flavour, it was so good we slurped every drop! The improvisation element in the Nasi Lemak 2.0 is the replacement of the usual chicken rendang or kampung-style fried chicken for soft shell crab instead. One thing I can assure you, anything with soft shell crab is a sure-win though some may consider paying 30% - 40% extra for a plate of nasi lemak that has soft shell crab is foolish -- but hey, rental ain't cheap! 

Kimchi Burger
WM Kimchi sliced beef burger - RM15.80

I am not a fan of Korean food with exception for bulgogi, so it was surprising that I craved for the Kimchi burger after seeing it online and decided to give it a shot. Life is full of surprises, I tell you -- I actually like the Kimchi burger! (though not Kimchi on its own) I guess if you're looking for out-of-the-ordinary burgers, do give the Kimchi burger a try.

Durian crepe with ice cream
Durian crepe with ice cream and cereals - RM6.90

Curiousity kills the cat in me when it comes to durian-flavoured desserts. So when I saw this on the menu with all eyes focused on the somehow imaginary bolded words of durian with capitals, I have to give it a try! It came served in a tin mug (don't the older generation used to use these mugs to brush teeth as seen on tv??), the recipe is nonetheless simple: one scoop of vanilla ice cream, a durian crepe, topped with mixed muesli and cornflakes in a tin mug. Nothing big on taste, just few simple but comfort ingredients whipped up as a dessert to end the meal on a sweet durian-ish note.

Generally, I do like WM for the ambiance and deco and would not hesitate to return to try out other items in the menu.

G6, Ground Floor,
Bangsar Village 1,
No. 1, Jalan Telawi 1,
Bangsar Baru,
591000, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-22849821

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

BBQ Thai @ Old Klang Road

BBQ Thai 
BBQ Thai - little huts, interesting seating concept

We stumbled upon this Thai eatery when we were over at their neighbor steamboat restaurant (Coco Steamboat - another post for another day). The catchy 'signboard' interestingly made from a plastic water container and brightly lit caught our attention to make sure we check it out soon.

I search through the internet for some or any reviews and was surprised to see the interesting seating concept. Instead of open air dining on communal tables or the usual round plastic tables, the dining area was split into multiple little huts, each fitting from 10 to 20 pax. The planks that make up the huts are salvaged from boats (it's becoming quite a trend). Communal dining under the stars is available too.

Paku Pakis
Paku pakis - RM13

Seafood tom yum
Seafood tom yum (small) - RM20

Thai deep fried platter
Thai deep fried platter (4 x fish cakes, shrimp cakes, pandan chicken, mango kerabu) - RM48

I concur with what has been blogged / reviewed about this place. Food is so-so, nothing spectacular though the tom yum was commendable as it's not diluted but very spicy! In my opinion, prices are steep considering these are just normal dai chow style Thai food. 

BBQ Thai
17, Lorong Jugra,
Off Batu 3 1/3,
Jalan Klang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-79819888

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Friday, January 25, 2013

The Havelock Place Bungalow @ Colombo, Sri Lanka

Welcome to The Havelock Place Bungalow

I stumbled upon The Havelock Place Bungalow during one of those many google searches when I was in the apartment alone. Unable to find any further write ups or google images of what to expect (environment, food menu and prices, etc) except its own website, the best thing to do is pop by the place and check it out yourself.

A boutique hotel doubling up as a restaurant

The Havelock road was a little further from the place I stayed, I remembered calling for a cab instead of tuk-tuk. The main public transportation in Colombo is the tuk-tuk, and trust me taxis are so hard to come by, it's pretty impossible to flag for any without calling for a booking through the taxi company. I had imagine The Havelock Place to be exactly what was pictured in its website gallery... lush greenery, tranquil garden setting, warm wood furnitures that exudes colonial charm. The gallery pictures did not disappoint me.

Curled up butter & balsamic vinegar

Asparagus cappuccino with chargrilled garlic prawns - Rs 350

Caramelized onion and mushroom tart with garden salad - Rs 850

I chose to sit at the garden area, not a wise choice if you don't want to be bitten by mozzies. But if a little insect bite is the least of your worry, enjoy the sunshine and indulge in the warm weather. The menu is simple and straightforward, clearly written on a blackboard display (not too sure if things have changed since then). My choices of entree, mains and desserts were flawless, though nothing mind blowing but it was simple comfort food in a very peaceful and serene environment.

Papaya lime sorbet

If you are not a hotel guest, feel free to walk around and check out the bungalow. It has 7 bedrooms - 3 suites and 4 standards and comes available with what a luxury hotel would offer (and maybe more).

The Havelock Place Bungalow is in my Top 10 list of places to visit & dine in Colombo!

The Havelock Place Bungalow
No. 6-8, Havelock Place,
Colombo 5,
Sri Lanka.
Tel: +9411258191 / +94112506153 / +94112506154

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nihonbashi @ Colombo, Sri Lanka

First restaurant in the world to use the iPad as an interactive menu - just 9 days after the launch in the US!

Every now and then, I would reminisce the times I had in Sri Lanka where it was 3 months of stress free 'work-cation' (note: this could be the longest backlog I have - these were all eaten 2 years ago!). The only worry I had was where and what should I have for dinner after work since I was staying alone. I was constantly looking out for new food places by googling - and googling alot. Alas, I came across Nihonbashi. There honestly wasn't much write ups on the internet but there were a few articles that were all praises and it did seem like a must-visit.

After multiple visits to sample all it has to offer, I also made friends with the man behind Nihonbashi himself, and here's the write up which has been sitting in the drafts for far too long.

Appetizer Platters - Rs 1,060
Left - Sakura (a trio of cold appetizers, endamame, kani no ponzu soe (crab meat), and yasai no goma ae
Right - Tsubaki (warm appetizer trio, chargrilled tiger prawn tempura, chargrilled tsukune (minced chicken meat), and daikon radish slow cooked in chicken broth

Nom nom and slurp slurp
Left - Grilled river prawns - Rs 680
Right - Dobin mushi (seafood and mushroom soup made using fresh shitake mushrooms served in a dobin pot) - Rs 680

I remember having a pretty hard time trying to locate Nihonbashi as the tuk-tuk driver did not seem to know the restaurant or maybe didn't know what I was talking about? But alas, he managed to drop me right at the entrance and I was instantly thrilled for you can tell this could be an authentic Japanese restaurant unlike the ones in Hilton (Ginza Hohsen) or Cinammon Lakeside (Sushi Bar).

Can't remember what fish these were, but it was so good I had it all by myself!

Sushi & sashimi
Left - Shake no aburi sushi (marinated norwegian salmon sushi, blowtorched) - Rs 580
Right - Sashimi moriawase

Small plates
Left - Not in menu, it's pieces of tuna with excellent marbling and fat that just melts in your mouth
Right - Gyuu no tataki (this is beef from Sri Lanka, thinly sliced and heavenly) - Rs 580

Greens are good
Left - Can't remember the name, but it was a medley of seaweed-like vege in a wasabi-like dressing
Right - Karapincha tempura (traditional Sri Lankan curry leaf tempura) - Rs 380

Healthy eats, greens and soy
Left - Namaharumaki (fresh spring rolls)
Right - Agedashi tofu - Rs 580

Dinner course for one - Rs 2,680
Shake no aburi teriyaki (blow torched teriyaki salmon) with kani cha-han (crab fried rice) and miso soup

Kani cha-han (Japanense style crab fried rice) - Rs 1,180

I have read about the famed crab fried rice and it was my first dish at Nihonbashi - just as it was raved in the articles, it truly was delicious! Since then, I had returned multiple times during my 3 months stay in Colombo, taking my family and friend who visited to the restaurant. In fact, Nihonbashi was my most frequented restaurant in Colombo!

It was also during the first visit that I met the founder-owner-chef, Dharshan Munidasa in person himself. You would be curious how a Sri Lankan could whip up such amazing and authentic Japanese cuisine - the answer lies in his blood! Dharshan is of mixed parentage, his father a Sri Lankan, and mother a Japanese and he actually majored in computer engineering, not culinary! We chatted quite a bit and I quickly learnt more about him and his inspiration to starting up Nihonbashi.

Yakitori from the charcoal grill
Left - Ebi shio yaki (salt grilled prawn) - Rs 300
Right - Can't remember if it was chicken?

Steamed fresh Sri Lankan crabs and teppan grilled vegetables

Japanese pancake and a Nihonbashi special
Left - Okonomiyaki
Right - Garlic rice maki (a Nihonbashi original dish sees garlic rice rolled in nori and placed on a sizzling rock to crust, splashed with soy sauce) - Rs 980

Who and what inspires Nihonbashi?
Dharshan was in the US doing his computer engineering degree, and I suppose like many who studied abroad, he soon started cooking for himself and then for others and before he knows it, culinary and a passion for food started boiling over and he knew this is what he wants to do. He returned to Colombo and started Nihonbashi, and that was almost 18 years ago. The foodscene in Colombo was uninspiring (the civil war halted development) and as he told me it was a tough time to bring and introduce a new dining perspective to local Sri Lankans. Alas, the effort and sacrifices paid off as Nihonbashi celebrated it's 17 years anniversary last year. The restaurant is also making heads turn and riding the waves to being one out of two restaurants in Sri Lanka listed in the 2011/2012 Miele Guide (Asia's independent restaurant guide ranking the Top 500 restaurants in Asia).

Of handrolls and tempura
Left - Ten Sabi Temaki (hot tempura tiger prawn, cold vinegared rice and handrolled) - Rs 460
Right - Kaki age tempura - Rs 940

Yosanabe - Rs 2,980

You'll find yourself dining in a zen-like environment, I have personally dined in a few areas of the restaurant; the common area, a private dining room that seats about 10 pax, and the special wine room that comes with the chef's personal choice of music (i.e. the ipod playlist). The food is nothing less than amazing every single time. Freshest of ingredients, although not everything was air flown from the famous Tsukiji fish market (you would end up paying for the airfreight instead of the meat), Dharshan walks the local Colombo market everyday to scout for the freshest. However, Dharshan also flies frequently to Tokyo to stock up on the fresh harvest from the Japanese waters.

It is ironic that when people ask me what food in Sri Lanka was like and what was my favourite, Nihonbashi sits on top of the list and Chesa Swiss a close second - which both are non-Sri Lankan staple / local cuisine! If you happen to pop by Nihonbashi, be sure to tell Dharshan that I miss the food there!

Nihonbashi Honten
11, Galle Face Terrace,
Colombo 3,
Sri Lanka.
Tel: +94112323847

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Milk and Butter @ Jln Telawi, Bangsar

Milk & Butter
Milk and Butter

Jln Telawi, we're on a roll! Another new outlet to surface at the Telawi Street in Bangsar is Milk and Butter. Not too sure which shop it took over but it's at a very strategic location, opposite Antipodean and a pebble's throw from Bangsar Village. The outlet is twice the size of Antipodean - I do like the latter too, but it's always so packed and a great disliking for the blackboard menu!

Wild mushroom soup
Wild mushroom soup - RM11

Well, if you find yourself feeling the same (packed outlet, long queue to be seated, non-existant paper menu... or genuinely wants to try some place new), head on to Milk and Butter and be sure to order this zuppa of wild mushroom soup! It is unarguably one of the best(est) version of mushroom soup simply because of the extra flavours of bites of walnuts and julienned ham. We credit the chef for the ingenuity!

Egg benedict with tukey ham
Egg benedict with turkey ham - RM16
Brioche bread, saute asparagus, poached egg, turkey ham and hollandaise

Smoke salmon and grill chicken crostini with mushroom fricasee
Smoke salmon & grill chicken crostini with mushroom crostini - RM20
Brioche bread, turkey ham, tomato slice, mango salsa, sundried tomato, goat cheese, chopped black olive & salad

Escargot a La Creme with asparagus
Escargot a la creme with asparagus - RM21
French escargot, mini vol-au-vent, creme sauce and asparagus

The smoke salmon and grill chicken crostini fared okay - nothing over the moon, but no complains. The 'main-appetizer' of escargots in vol-au-vent (small hollow case of puff pastry) was something different but the cream could be quite overwhelming if you try to finish it all by yourself. Not all were hits, as we find the anticipated egg benedict bland... in fact, very bland. Last we checked, we weren't in a hospital. Not sure if a pinch of salt was missed out or bland is the new trend?

Latte for 2

We love milk, we love butter, we definitely love the mushroom soup and we will return!

Milk and Butter
25G, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar Baru,
Kuala Lumpur.

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