Monday, February 21, 2011

Chesa Swiss, Colombo

Chesa Swiss

Chesa Swiss is perhaps (in my humble opinion) one of the best Swiss/ Western restaurant in Colombo and Sri Lanka. I made my maiden visit at the end of January and since then I revisited it once every week! It's layout and setting is homely, nothing as fancy as some of the so-called fine dining hotel restaurants but attracts a steady regular expat crowd and some well to do locals. The kitchen is helmed by Swiss chef Michael and well managed by the beautiful Catherine from Paris.

Having been there 4 times in a month and different dishes every visit allowed me to sample a fair bit of what Chesa Swiss has to offer.

6-course tasting menu- Rs. 3,250 (RM89): Duck liver mousse on red onion marmalade with toasted brioche; Complimentary fried fish; Mushroom consomme with port wine; Mixed seafood risotto in lobster sauce

Tournedos of beef fillet served on asparagus crepe & green pepper corn sauce; Lime sorbet with gin; Fresh strawberries with cream

White chocolate mousse & fresh strawberries Millefeuille; Complimentary starter

During my first visit, I tried the 6-course tasting menu (the next day after I had the 24-dish degustation from Tao). I really liked all 6-courses with special memories for the lime sorbet (though it was meant for pallate cleansing) and steak done medium rare, tender and juicy just the way I love it. I didn't expect to have steak in Sri Lanka but since I had the ball rolling on this one, I just craved for a piece of steak every now and then!

Raclette- Rs. 980 (RM27); Shrimp cocktail with melon and toast- Rs. 580 (RM16)

Grilled duck breast on orange & pepper sauce- Rs. 1,600 (RM44); Pork tenderloin- Rs. 980 (RM27)

Fillet of garoupa 'Grandmother style'- Rs. 850 (RM23); Lamb rib chops- Rs. 2,200 (RM61)

The second visit was with my family where I also brought them here for our 1st day of CNY dinner. I was again craving for steak but my dad would glare at me the whole night if I did since he doesn't take beef due to religion circumstances, I had duck instead also done medium rare. I like it as well as it and I think the rest of my family likes their own dishes as well since there were no complains.

Traditional Swiss cheese fondue with white wine, flavoured with Kirsch- Rs. 1,980 (RM54)

Carpaccio of beef fillet with parmesan and rocket salad- Rs. 850 (RM23); Mussels with white wine- Rs. 1,850 (RM51)

The third visit was with a visiting friend of mine all the way from Ipoh! Though it was only 2 of us, we decided to do the expected- pig out! This time, we tried the cheese fondue (it's my first cheese fondue by the way), beef carpaccio and mussels for starters and had the 6-course tasting menu again as I raved to her about the lime sorbet and steak. My friend loves the duck liver pate and steak but unfortunately the seafood risotto was a miss that night as it was too moist and lacked texture.

Beef tenderloin (150g)- Rs. 2,300 (RM63)

Finally, since it is going to be my final week in Sri Lanka, I decided to pay a visit again to Chesa Swiss and had a 150g tenderloin myself! The steak never failed me and there is nothing more satisfying than having a piece of juicy medium rare steak on your own......

Chesa Swiss
3, Deal Place,
Colombo 03,
Sri Lanka.
Tel: +940112573433

[Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. Please don't sue me, I don't have money. Kthxbye.]


Konni and Matt said...

Hi Yiling: We are admiring your blog! One of the best we have ever seen. Such a great combination of heart and head, taste buds and writing hand. Keep up the good traveling and blogging - and please, tell us how we can add these skype-phone-number buttons to our humble grandparent's travel blog...
Luv, Konni & Matt.

YilingL said...

Konni and Matt,
Hi guys! Thanks for still continuing reading, haha. This is my last week in Sri Lanka, are you guys still around? Anyway regarding the skype phone numbers, I think it comes automatically when you type in a phone number and have skype installed/ browser plugin.

KahYee said...

Ahh...yes, yes, your friend here still salivates at the thought of that delectable piece of medium rare meat!! So amazing how they always get their steaks right! :)

YilingL said...

Kah Yee,
Yeah few days later I went back again to have the steak hehe.

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