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Hotels Along Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka

As with any beachfronts and coastal towns, you'll find many guesthouses, hotels (the posh & the unposh), budget hostels, villas and accommodation lining along the streets. The question is always "How much does it cost, and what's in it?"

Villa Araliya


I had initially booked a 2-night stay at Villa Araliya (apartment unit - 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms, living area, and kitchen) for USD336 (RM1,019) after seeing that it looks pretty nice and decent and would make a good place for a family getaway from Colombo when they were down to visit during Chinese New Year. The location was a little hard to find as it's not exactly on the main street. After we checked in and nearly got ourselves settled, mom suddenly stomped back to the apartment furiously. Apparently, she got into a row with (whom I suspect would be the owner) about some cups in the apartment. You see, I think it's only fair and common that if you have kitchen facilities, basic cooking utensils or at least cups be provided. The owner said that if we were only staying for 2 days then none of the facilities will be provided (even cups!) unless if our stay was for at least a month! To cut the long story short, he refuted that if we were so fussy about it, then move out!

That's a very rude way to treat your guests and I think giving some cups for use for 2 days is not life threatening or cost you in any way.... so we moved out and got my refund. Well I guess I am not surprised at this behaviour as I've also read similar aggressive and rude attitude by the owners in Tripadvisor.

As guests who are paying (it's not cheap anyways), I don't think we should be treated rudely and especially if it wasn't even an overboard/ impossible request. To save the trouble, I won't even bother giving you the address.

Goldi Sands Hotel

Goldi Sands Hotel

We found Goldi Sands Hotel somewhere 50m down the road after moving out from Villa Araliya. They were fully booked but some cancellations gave us 2 rooms for a night at USD110 (double) and USD125 (triple). It is more expensive on per night basis compared to Villa Araliya but at least the staff were more hospitable and the resort is smack infront of the beach.

Goldi Sands Hotel

I think the rooms are pretty nice and the view was great too, accessibility to the pool and beach were just 5 mins walk away. Our only grudge perhaps is the stuffy bathroom which doesn't have much ventilation.

Lunch: King Coconut; Tender Pork Scaloppine- Rs. 600 (RM16); French Onion Soup- Rs. 200 (RM5); Baked Crab- Rs. 675 (RM18); Sri Lankan rice and curry- Rs. 450 (RM12); Special Fried Noodles- Rs. 450 (RM12)

Dinner: Deluxe Seafood Platter- Rs. 1,300 (RM36); Goldi Fried Rice- Rs. 550 (RM15); Mixed Grill American- Rs. 800 (RM22); Magic show to entertain the guests

Meals weren't great and the restaurant didn't look that appealing but when you have no choice, I suppose anything goes... the breakfast spread was a little better though.

Goldi Sands Hotel
Ethukale, Negombo,
Sri Lanka.
Tel: +94332279021

Jetwing Blue Negombo

Jetwing Blue Negombo

While having our stroll down the beach, we spotted a nicer looking resort just next to our hotel and decided to check it out. It was the Jetwing Blue hotel and I know that the Jetwing group of hotels and resorts are pretty expensive. We asked the reception how much a night would cost and considered staying here the next night since we could not secure another night at Goldi Sands. It was at a staggering USD300+! Well no wonder, things are always nicer at the other side of the beach ;-p

Jetwing Blue
Ethukale, Negombo,
Sri Lanka.
Tel: +94312279003 or +94773421755


Michelle Lee said...

Awww...that's nice - your family went over for CNY :D And that is horrible service. Good thing you guys moved to another hotel.

eiling lim said...

next time we must try jetwings.. haha still got next time?!? lol

YilingL said...

Yeahlo, horrible and rude service man! (Hehe got to eat some CNY goodies too)

Next time... anytime also can la, AA flies Colombo mah! I will need to come back to buy my home furnishing stuff from Paradise Road remember?? ;-p

Jaz said...

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Amila said...

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Amila said...

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