Monday, February 25, 2008

a non update to get you updated...

Lydia Shum aka fei jeh

wong ka kui

leslie cheung

anita mui

i've been super obsessed with dead people recently.

that being said, no i cant see dead people. i'm just super obsessed with knowing more about dead celebrities- lydia shum aka fei jeh, leslie cheung, anita mui, and wong ka kui of beyond.

that includes their background, their history in hk showbiz, what caused their deaths etc.

youtube has been my bestest friend offering me comfort in the songs and videos of those laid to rest. if it wasnt for youtube, i wouldnt have know how awesome and great these singers were that will put edison and twins cantopop to shame.


i cried watching these veterans perform. i know i can be alil' emotional even at people whom i only see on tv. you can say i grew up watching these people on tv, so when they leave... i feel a great sense of lost. as they are a part of my childhood.

i'm gonna go buy myself beyond's the ultimate story album. canto music has never sounded this good...

sighs. ka kui from beyond, leslie, anita, lydia shum... why you all die so early. hk showbiz needs all of you.

who's your fav veteran singer? which song from beyond do you like the most? do you miss fei jeh's signature laugh? and leslie and anita's distinctive singing?

i know i do :(

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