Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ichiro Sushi Bar @ 1 Utama

Salmon sashimi and tobiko with rice
Heaven in a Japanese bowl : Salmon sashimi with ebiko on rice - RM30

How I took so long to discover Ichiro is beyond me. Eating at an authentic sushi bar in Japan has always and still is in my bucket list. Not the kaiten style (conveyor belt), but those little sushi bars that seats less than 10 pax at the chef's counter and all you eat is just sushi and sashimi (watch Jiro's Dreams of Sushi).

Ichiro is in some ways resembles the little sushi bars that I had imagined. This little sushi corner seats no more than 20 pax, with maybe about 6 seats at the chef's counter. The menu is displayed via an iPad and ordering is also through the tablet.

Assorted sashimi

Assorted sashimi for 2 - RM60

Assorted sashimi
Heaven on a plate of ice

For our maiden visit, we tried the salmon sashimi with ebiko on rice and an assorted sashimi for 2. One can really see and taste the chef's knife skills especially the thinly sliced transluscent salmon sashimies. The cuts are nicely done for the sashimi platter as well. There is only one word to describe... FRESH. So fresh, you can almost taste it dancing in your mouth! I skimmed through all the tips posted on foursquare about Ichiro, the same adjective is used too. I read blogs for Ichiro's review, and again the same is mentioned over and over again.

Prices may be steep (after all, you'll expect the same for quality Japanese food), but it's really worth the splurge and we are considering to return for just the sushies... (roughly calculated, per piece is at an average RM5-6, it'll approximately cost RM120+ to try all the sushies available).

Ichiro Sushi Bar
Eat Paradise
2nd floor Isetan,
1 Utama Shopping Center (old wing),
Petaling Jaya.

* Visuals by iPhone 4

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