Saturday, November 24, 2007

friday night out @scarlet

im not much of a kaki clubbing... particularly when it comes to super loud music and loadsa people- smoking, drinking, dancing, its just not my th'ng. so, when i was told we're gonna go scarlet @cineleisure, i thought it was a bar type- just drinking, no super loud music.

i was wrong.

scarlet restaurant lounge

anyway, it was an experience lah- being a n00b and all. and knowing that im in safe company so i was okay with it. i was there with my eldest sis, hue gee (sis's collegemate), wei ling (mgs girls remember?), and greg.

a picture speaks a thousand words!

see i didnt lie, damn alot people k!

bar counter- an alcoholic haven

hennesy v.s.o.p.

and the company- just a few of us though.

greg and i

hue gee and i

hue gee, eiling and greg

eiling and wei ling (jessica)

eiling, greg and wei ling

greg and i again


orang ipoh united- wei ling missing

lucky boy greg

i think i had like 5/6 cups of hennesy + green tea/coke + ice. yeah was feeling alil' tipsy by the 5th cup or so edi but still very much sane. you know the feeling when you realize that you're between drunk and sober- tipsy but still able to walk and think soberly? i knew i had to call it a night, and so i drove home. reached home safe and sound. luckily no hangover, frankly i dont know how it feels. but the most important point is to know when to stop- unless you have someone to drive you home and not take advantage of you then its different.

well cant say i totally hate the loud music atmosphere (though not the best place to catch up cos most of the time cant hear what the other person is saying) but i understand how some people find it therapeutic. its when you have a couple of drinks, soak into the loud music and just shake to the beat. it releases stress really.

as i was telling greg, no more clubbing place next time. maybe laundry or starbucks will do :)


food post... soon!

have a great start to the weekend folks!

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